Globant’s Top 10 – News that impacted our culture in 2023

January 15, 2024

Enjoy our pick of the news and stories that made the most cultural impact at Globant last year

1.Globant’s first 20-year celebration

In 2023, we celebrated the first 20 years of our fantastic journey!

20 years of being bold, taking risks, and venturing into uncharted territories. 

20 years of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve, reinventing industries, and transforming businesses’ operations. 

We are grateful for where our company is today and our teams’ achievements, but we know it’s just the beginning. We think of our talented Globers, rich history, financial strength, and global reputation as crucial growth enablers for the next 100 years and beyond.

Visit our 20-year celebration hub and explore the unforgettable experiences we generated to celebrate our journey with Globers, clients, and communities.

2. Acquisition of GUT: expanding our creative capabilities

We find ourselves at a critical historical moment. As technology evolves, creativity becomes even more relevant to raising brands and creating meaningful relations. In November, Globant made a significant stride by acquiring a majority stake in GUT, an independent creative agency, to strengthen and grow Globant’s creative capabilities.

This collaboration with GUT propels Globant to new heights in digital offerings, particularly in advertising and brand storytelling. By incorporating creative communications into its repertoire, Globant is poised to emerge as one of the world’s most comprehensive tech companies.

Both entities command prestigious positions on the global stage—Globant stands as the 8th strongest IT brand globally, as per the latest Brand Finance report. At the same time, GUT holds the title of the most creative independent advertising network worldwide, according to the Cannes 2023 Report. This union positions us as a formidable global creative tech company, ready for more substantial growth.

3.Globant’s top recognitions

In 2023, we achieved many goals together. The awards reaffirm that we are on the right track but encourage us to challenge our limits and push the horizon further.

Our Globers, together with our clients and partners, play an active role in crafting the dynamic narrative of Globant. In doing so, they not only contribute to our story but also influence the future of the technology industry, constructing a more inventive, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Discover some of the many awards that Globant received in 2023:

We are genuinely proud of all the awards we won in 2023! We want to congratulate all Globers and thank our community for allowing us to keep growing and improving.

4. Converge: AI: Limitless disruption

Today, we are in the middle of an AI revolution. Embracing AI empowers people and businesses to enter a new era of disruption, creativity, and efficiency. It’s the foundation of the next business era. This year at Converge, Globant’s flagship annual event, we heard tech visionaries and disruptive leaders share how they use AI to empower industries and human development.

 Over 40,000 people worldwide registered for our November 30 event, listening to speakers like Mark Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, Walter Isaacson, best-selling author and acclaimed historian, and Gillian Zucker, President of Business Operations at the LA Clippers, among others, discuss the innovative ways they are using AI to improve customer experience. Keep reading and relive the highlights of the event.

5. Women that Build 4th edition: Another step towards gender equality

In an era marked by technological advancements and innovation, the role of women in the tech industry has never been more critical.

The 2023 edition of the Women that Build Awards signifies another substantial stride in Globant’s dedication to fostering gender equality and attaining parity in leadership roles, aiming to fill 50% of our management positions with women and gender-diverse candidates.

This international event has gained increasing strength annually, serving as a platform to honor the narratives and achievements of women who take the lead, innovate, inspire, and contribute to positive transformations within the tech industry.

This 4th edition garnered more than 3100 nominations, 1100 candidates, 120K+ votes, 25 regional winners, two global winners, and 110+ supporting associations such as eMerge, Endeavor, nPower, and HITEC.

6. Globant’s Culture Evolution: Expanding our values to impact growth

2023 marks a significant milestone and a turning point in Globant’s history. We celebrate our first 20 years while navigating an era of unprecedented change. Just as the world and business transform, so does Globant’s culture. Reinvention is not only our stamp but also a part of our DNA.

Six values have guided us since Globant was born: values that we have fostered by working together: Be Kind, Team Player, Excellence in your work, Think Big, Have Fun, and Drive Innovation (formerly known as Constantly Innovate). In the same way, our business and the world evolve, so does our culture.

 This is why we have proudly introduced three unique new values: “Own the Place,” “AI Hero,” and “Cross-Selling Hero”) that emerge from the vibrant dynamism of our culture to enhance their powerful connection with our business. Stay tuned to learn more about the new values!

7. Globant’s 20-Year Report: Linking Business Growth to Societal Impact

In the past two decades, Globant has consistently expanded, maintaining progress even in economic downturns. This growth has substantially impacted the communities where it operates, providing exceptional development and career opportunities. 

Our recently unveiled 20-year Impact Report delves into the concrete outcomes of Globant’s sustained growth and unwavering commitment. Download the report and delve into Globant’s trajectory on entrepreneurship mindset, IT education, and talent development.

8. Proyecto GEMA, a safe place in the gaming industry

Women, non-binary genders, and diversity have always hindered the gaming industry.. Although women represent more than 40% of the gaming public, in Argentina, for example, 91.9% of those who are part of esports are men. 

The Globant Emerald Team announced the launch of Proyecto GEMA. This comprehensive proposal seeks to generate safe spaces for the community and tools to help the insertion and professionalization of women and gender diversities in the gaming and esports industry. Watch the video!

This project will include a series of initiatives that contribute to the visibility of the problem, proposing tangible solutions to these problems. Furthermore, GET recently announced that it has landed in Valorant with a 100% female roster, and in March 2022, launched the Globant Emerald Academy, a team focused on helping female esports enthusiasts achieve their dreams of becoming professionals. 

9. New amazing Hubs

Globant’s idea from the beginning was to get closer to talent and bring opportunities to where the talent is. Therefore, the company is constantly broadening its horizons by entering new markets and strengthening its presence in four continents. Globant opened several new amazing hubs in 2023 as part of this geographical expansion plan. Our hubs foster autonomy, creativity, innovation, social interactions, belonging, wellness, and collaborative thinking.

Take a look at some of the new captivating spaces: 

  • Globant leads innovation from its new hub in Monterrey
  • Globant inaugurates new hub in São Paulo and strengthens its presence in Brazil
  • Globant opens its second Innovation Center in Malaga
  • To the end of the world: Globant opens new hub in Ushuaia
  • Globant’s London hub: A statement on the future of work
  • Globant is consolidating its presence in France

10. Globant’s sports partnerships and sponsorships 


  • Partnership with FIFA 

Globant supported the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, one of the world’s most significant sporting events. The announcement derives from the multi-year partnership between Globant and FIFA to supercharge the growth of the FIFA+ streaming platform and support FIFA’s flagship global events.

  • Partnership with LaLiga Tech

Globant announced the launch of Sportian, the new identity of LaLiga Tech, a provider of digital transformation solutions for the global sports and entertainment sector. In 2021, LaLiga Tech was founded by LALIGA. It became a joint venture the following year when Globant acquired a 51% majority stake in the company. 

LaLiga Tech evolved into Sportian, combining Globant’s extensive track record in technology-driven business and industry transformation with LALIGA’s expertise as a leader in the leisure and entertainment sector, creating unique experiences for football and sports fans.

  •  Sponsorship of Argentinian Racer Franco Colapinto

Globant supports Franco Colapinto, an Argentine driver, for his debut in the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2024. With Globant’s support, Colapinto participated in the F2 race at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi from November 24-26, 2023. In November of 2024, he will pilot the Williams FW45 in the official Young Driver Test, marking him the first Argentinian to participate in an official F1 session in over 20 years.

  • Partnership with Major League Rugby

The partnership, aimed at bridging the worlds of sports and technology, will leverage data sourced by MLR and harnessed by Globant to drive innovation, unlock new ways to advance the game of rugby, and enhance sponsorship opportunities.

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