#CONVERGEBA Speaker Interview: Cindy Soo

  In the context of our event #CONVERGEBA to be held on March 22nd in the CCK Center in Buenos Aires, we want to introduce some of its international speakers. This time we interviewed Cindy Soo, an Innovation Leader working with boutique brands and Fortune 500 companies all over the world. As a visionary, she defines new segments and sectors, identifies disruptive opportunities, drives enabling technology roadmaps, and develops new business models in the ever changing Connected Living space. Her passion for people-centric design thinking brings about sound strategies that enable for meaningful strategies from Year 1 to “Forward Future”. Known for her “Fusionist” way of thinking, Cindy bridges the gap between Design, Engineering, Research, Science & Technology, “the “User” and “Consumer”, and the Brands we enjoy everyday. She’s worked with brands such as Hermès, Manufacture NY, Philips Electronics, Ford Motor Company, Google, Pandora, IKEA of Sweden, Sony Japan, Under Armour, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Proctor & Gamble, Flextronics Globant: What… Read More