Globant Cover Stories: Juan Roperto

Meet Juan Roperto, Tech Manager – Globant Madrid – Tells a fun fact about you – It’s cheaper to buy me a suit than take me out for dinner. When I was a kid my mom was worried because I atec too much so she took me to the doctor. – My mom: my baby eats too much and I am worried. What’s wrong with him? – Doctor: he is just hungry. – What five things do you love about  working at Globant? Cultural diversity: Globant gave me the opportunity to work with people from Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, India and Spain. I have learned from each of their cultures. Travel: our delivery centers give you the opportunity to travel and even relocate to a different country. I relocated to  Spain 🙂 Collaboration: it’s at Globant’s core. Everyone, no matter the business unit, seniority or location, is willing to help you. Learning: the  wide range of industries and clients give you… Read More