Presenting Globant’s Artificial Intelligence Manifesto

At Globant our mission is to transform the world, one step at the time. With our capabilities and knowledge around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital trends, we can help organizations thrive and change the way they relate to users and employees. In order to incorporate AI in the organization, we must unite with the client and embrace a common vision, overcoming ethical challenges and social risks. Therefore we needed to form our Artificial Intelligence Manifesto. Artificial Intelligence Manifesto Globant has defined this AI Manifesto, a set of principles that states what we believe and encourage. Moreover our goal is to define what we do and what we don’t do with AI. We encourage you to read them, embrace them, and share them. What we will do with AI: Augmented Intelligence: AI should exist to cooperate with humans and to improve humanity. Collaborate with humans on complex tasks and facilitate their work, relieving them from tedious tasks, and elevating them. Respectful data: A data-driven culture means having clean and accurate data, compliant… Read More