Global Design Summit | First Edition

On April 10th we celebrated the first Global Design Summit, a global event to get together everyone from the UX Design Studio to talk about design. This year’s edition was all about diversity. Looking at best practices, holding workshops as well as ideation and creativity sessions, those in attendance considered design comprehensively from start to finish. We talked about what it means to think and live design according to our values and characteristics. And we kept inquiring what it means to promote diversity within design in itself, within the UX Design Studio, and within Globant. “The summit was an invitation to think together about design, and build and strengthen ties. It was a unique opportunity to think as a community. To talk about our interests and concerns, and think about best practices; what we do and all we still can do, as professionals and Globers.” —Melisa De Lorenzo (UX Designer, Globant Madrid) More than 300 Globers passionate about design participated in the activities. They… Read More