3 steps for augmented organizations to succeed

At our signature conference—Converge New York—a couple of weeks ago, Flynn Coleman stated that “AI will be the most transformative technology humanity will ever create.” Organizations that embrace artificial intelligence (AI) now will succeed in the future. When done successfully, these companies are taking transformation beyond digital, revolutionizing all aspects of their business. Picking up on the now-present reality of the cognitive revolution, and the augmentation of brands that this will bring, let’s consider the steps to take in order to become a truly augmented organization. But first, what do we mean by “augmented organization?” These organizations are digitally transformed and have applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) to various functions in their business that enhance their departments, internal experiences, decisions, and processes. This was the topic of conversation at Converge New York, and as our Co-founder and CEO Martín Migoya explains it, there are 3 fundamental steps to excel as augmented organizations. The 3 key steps to augmented organizations’ success These… Read More