Cover Story: Globant Founders—interests, hobbies, and trips | Part 1

This article is the first of a two-part series about the Globant Founders. Globant turned 15 years old this year, and to celebrate we wanted to know how the founders live an ordinary day in the company and a bit more about them. Martín Migoya (CEO), Guibert Englebienne (CTO), Martín Umaran (Chief of Staff) and Nestor Nocetti ( EVP Corporate Affairs) are Globant’s four founders. Even though their daily tasks are very diverse, the four of them are still a great group of friends and they build an even greater company. What is a normal day like for you? What do you do every day? Martin Umaran (MU): I remember when Globant started, and I would get up, and the first thing I did at 7am was read the emails that I had from England because we had an operation there. Things haven’t changed that much: you get up, you come to the office, you confront the issues, you have… Read More