The Importance to Bridge The Gap Between an Idea and The Delivery of The Solution

Them, THEM, not US… how many times have we heard about the different gangs: IT, designers, marketing, operations, agilists, data scientists, sales. This “silo” mentality is what is keeping us from making a breakthrough in our organizations. I strongly believe that true successful delivery of solution comes from  collaborative work and autonomous multidisciplinary teams. We need to seat at a table altogether, quite literally, different disciplines that can look at a problem from complementary angles and create magic together. This diversity rules! Because when we unite business value, a client centric approach, data and technology, great ideas come to life. Once we are at that table we, the technical people, are not sitting there to just say YES or NO like judges mocking our fellow colleagues on how “bad” they have done their jobs. We are there to bridge the gap between the possible and the impossible, to make  dreams come true. Make it happen. Make it possible. As an… Read More