New Cybersecurity Studio: it was time to formalize our studio offerings

We have launched our Cybersecurity Studio. The new studio brings together Globant’s expertise in the area, built after years of working with customers providing cybersecurity services. The Cybersecurity Studio unifies the company’s knowledge under a single umbrella, supporting Globant’s entire range of services from product conceptualization through execution to ensure that all customer platforms are safe and secure. As data privacy and security become increasingly top of mind, today’s organizations risk business if they don’t have the proper strategies for staying ahead of cyber attacks. To remedy this gap across customers, Globant has formalized its cybersecurity offerings. “A lack of investment in cybersecurity is like driving a car without airbags. While the car can still drive, you may not make it to Point B in one piece,” says Esteban Ribicic, Cybersecurity Studio Partner at Globant. “Right now, most digital platforms are operating without airbags. At Globant, we’re working to make sure that cybersecurity is embedded into the DNA of all of our projects from… Read More