#All4Venezuela | Globant and clients join the cause to help Venezuela

Saturday, March 23rd and 30th, Globant invited Globers and clients to join the cause and support Venezuela. Globant donates the proceeds generated on those days and duplicates the profit by adding up a corporate donation to AID FOR AIDS in the initiative “Healing Venezuela the formula to heal.” Why Helping Venezuela? Venezuela is going through a profound crisis. Shortage of basic products and medicines and hyperinflation are some of the problems that this country is going through. Malnutrition and child mortality is even more critical: 26,446 babies under 12-months have died of malnutrition during 2016-2017. These numbers were even worse during 2017-2018. AID FOR AIDS is a non-profit organization committed to empower communities at risk of HIV and the population at large, by developing their abilities and capacities in comprehensive prevention. In 2018, the organization fed 400 babies providing them with infant formula and now, they aim to save 3,000 babies by April 30th 2019. Why do we want to… Read More