Why Blockchains Go Beyond Cryptocurrencies

By Jim Barnes, MBA. Senior Digital Architect at Globant.   When many people think about blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is bitcoin.  While bitcoin certainly runs on a blockchain network, blockchains do not require a cryptocurrency.  Blockchains are just the foundation for cryptocurrencies and have expanded to smart contracts, distributed apps (dApps), and better cross chain integration. When applied to relationships and transactions they can help to automate and streamline those processes. One of those areas that businesses can see immediate impact is applying blockchain to the supply chain.  This can be applied to both physical and digital supply chains to track assets, and automate processes. When looking at physical supply chains at the simple level you can track the assets to where they are within the process.  That is just the beginning though, you can automate payments, when shipping is received, email to let know status like delays, or even let know how much demand is… Read More