Uses and Benefits of GraphQL for Your Projects | Part 2

In the first part of this GraphQL series, we took a quick glance at what GraphQL is and how it looks. We looked at how GraphQL queries return just the data that you need for a specific UI view (contrast that to needing to make multiple calls to piece together data). We also touched on the fact that on the backend you can package data from various services into the response for a GraphQL query. Now let’s take a deeper look at why you might seriously consider using GraphQL schema for your next project, or even an existing one. Why Does GraphQL Matter? The main benefit in my mind for GraphQL is this: a way to drastically simplify how you get and send data for client apps. And with that simplification, you make your team more efficient at building products and you place less load on your infrastructure. Think about how much time your team spends creating infrastructure and code around… Read More