The Ultimate Business Survival Kit for Coronavirus

Ensuring Business Continuity during the COVID-19 Pandemic  We are experiencing a tipping point in human history. Many things might change. Society is under a new kind of threat, a challenge that is transforming not only the way we live and interact with each other but also our business continuity. Our global economy is being turned on its head, reshaping industries with unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, but also opening new opportunities. Organizations are accelerating their digital transformation processes while their teams try to adapt to those changes as fast as they can.  Many countries across the globe have established new rules & legislations that impact human behavior and are demanding people and companies to define new ways of working. Some companies have already started their transformational path of their operating models and some others are still in definition on where to begin. COVID-19 is pushing us to define and roll out these new models, faster than originally thought. Best practices in… Read More