OTT, Roku, and Beyond

This post from Will McGee, Head of Strategic Partnerships, is the last of three in our Roku blog series. Read the second post in this series. It’s easy to forget that some of technologies that we use and enjoy so frequently didn’t exist just over a decade ago. The first smartphone, for example, didn’t debut until 2007. And yet, Globant has been building technological solutions for some of the biggest, most recognizable brands on Earth since 2003, and has built exceptional streaming solutions for over a decade. Our teams have proven themselves capable not only of creating and adopting emerging technologies, but of developing these technologies well enough to see them mature and gain widespread popularity. Most recently, we’ve has developed expertise across multiple over-the-top (OTT) platforms, and have cultivated a long-term, trusted partnership with OTT giant Roku as a result. Globant’s partnership with Roku is the product of a thoughtful strategy which focuses Roku’s needs and those of their audience. Throughout our… Read More