At Globant, we have always been centered on people. Whether that meant the concerns of our clients, the communities where we operate, or the careers of our fellow Globers. It informs everything we do, every action we take. This year, we thought it was time to formalize this mentality beyond our walls. So we’ve invited and challenged other stakeholders to take a stand.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to Be kind.

Be kind is a way of life. It is how we implement our sustainability plan to transform organizations and people’s lives. We want to make a greater impact on our peers, the planet, and humanity as a whole. Under these pillars, we reinforce Globant’s focus on guaranteeing diversity and inclusion, on becoming a carbon neutral company, and on working in an ethical way.

  • Be kind to our peers, by promoting diversity and gender equality, and connecting IT opportunities with underprivileged people in all places where we operate. Whether this takes the form of helping students, assisting our fellow citizens of Latin America, or empowering and training women all over the world.
  • Be kind to the planet, by reducing and compensating the impact of our actions on the environment. We will be carbon neutral and 100% powered by renewable electricity by end of 2020.
  • Be kind to humanity, by working with our clients to create accessible and ethical software for everyone. This was a topic of conversation at a recent Design Summit, as well as an active focus for the Accessibility Committee here at Globant.

As our CEO Martin Migoya has made clear, “profound change will happen if everyone commits to helping each other. Be kind is more than a program or a plan. It’s a way of living.” And as Globers, we’re happy to see our organization bring to the fore our commitment, at an international level, to the values Globant has supported for over ten years.

Some of the specifics

Digging down on the details, you can find three of the current areas of focus within the Be kind pillars. First, to truly align with our green color and reputation, we hope to keep raising the bar on our environmental impact. Globant aims to become a carbon neutral company, and plans to measure (and compensate Globers for minimizing) their individual carbon footprint on their daily commute.

As we’re talking about making a truly sustainable impact, we believe this implies giving everyone room at the conversation table. That’s why Globant aims to improve gender equality in the industry. We want to make sure we are hearing all the voices. We will be training and inspiring 5,000 women around the globe to join the IT cause. And we’ll have made the commitments and progress necessary to reach 50/50 Women in Management for 2025.

And as a technology company we obviously have to uphold rigorous tech commitments as well. In that vein, we at Globant aim to advance a global AI Manifesto. We’ve already made our own, but in the year to come we will invite more and more companies to sign it. And it’s a commitment that we will necessarily continue to refine and improve with the help of global companies and teams. The best results come through a diverse approach.

An open invitation

What we’re offering is an invitation. Find out more. Keep up on what Be kind is pioneering. Read about why specifically environmental consciousness, diversity and inclusion, and an AI manifesto are important. Peruse the Be kind site for the ins and outs of the program. But most importantly, join us in setting a permanent resolution this year: to Be kind

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