Globant is consolidating its presence in France

April 27, 2023

In order to strengthen its presence on the European continent, Globant is speeding up its growth in France, driven by demand from companies within the French market to adopt innovative tools and technologies that will empowerthem to remain relevant and meet the challenges of the future.

Thanks to the country’s commitment to digitization, supported by major public and private players, as well as significant support from the French government, France has significantly increased its number of unicorn startups, which now stands at 24, according to a study by CB Insights. This is welcome news and represents the significant growth the French and European digital economy will have in the years to come.

As part of the unstoppable trajectory towards a digital economy, it is crucial for emerging companies in Europe and France to seek integration to stimulate growth within the economic system.This is why Globant is a key supporter, aiming to push its clients towards digitization, innovation, reinvention, and growth.

Globant has been working in France since 2019, where it is currently in the midst of a growth process. In order to meet the challenges and accelerate transformation for clients  in France, it is seeking local talent capable of understanding the country’s technological environment, as well as the current needs of their companies and the cultural characteristics of the French market. The goal is to build a strong local team to catalyze the company’s growth in the country.

France is already anticipating challenges it will have to face on  technology in the coming years. One such challenge is with education. A distinct focus will need to be made to promote the development of skills and future knowledge around technological innovations through consolidated education systems that foster and develop digital talent, as well as plans and university agreements with the professional world. Secondly, it will have to participate in the broad reinvention of Europe, betting on sustainability through the use of digital strategies and the development of emerging technologies as an accelerator to achieve the region’s ambitious climate and ESG goals.

As France and Europe embrace digital transformation, the energy transition strategy must be complementary. Globant, as a sustainable technology company at the forefront of these practices, can provide climate technology solutions that promote sustainability within organizations. Examples of these solutions range from developing digital platforms and twins to quantify and map an organization’s carbon footprint, to programs aimed at measuring the energy efficiency of a company’s digital ecosystem from beginning to end.

Thus, Globant is looking for software and digital products that have an impact on environmental preservation, measure the environmental impact of the methodologies and tools used on a daily basis, and, recently, take sustainability into account in its remuneration model.

Globant is currently present in 19 countries and is continuing to grow throughout Europe and around the world. Learn more about Globant’s operations in France here.

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