Globant opens its second Innovation Center in Malaga

June 6, 2023

Globant’s new Innovation Center has opened in Malaga’s port area, Muelle Uno. It’s Globant’s second office in the city, which is located in Spain’s Andalusian region, and its sixth location across the country. The opening of this new Innovation Center is a milestone marking Globant’s growing presence in the Spanish market; the company’s other Spanish offices are located in Barcelona, Madrid, and Logroño. 


The opening event for this new Innovation Center was attended by local authorities, including the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, and the city councilor for the Urban Innovation and Digitalization Area, Susana Carillo. We also brought together leaders from companies specializing in financial services, who shared ideas about the development of disruptive solutions based on artificial intelligence and blockchain, with teams specializing in fintech, gaming, and other types of projects.

Globant Malaga: a dynamic ecosystem

At Globant, we want each of our offices to represent our purpose as an organization—reinventing business through innovative tech solutions—and this Innovation Center is no exception. We designed a space that combines our company’s three most important elements—technology, engineering, and design—on a large scale, in support of Globant’s more than 3,500 active projects.

The new Malaga location incorporates many of the same features that have proven popular at our other offices, including the “Chill Out” room, which boasts a foosball table, an arcade machine, videogames, an easy-chair area, and much more. Plus, when Globers at the Malaga offices are ready for a break, they can head out for a stroll in the port area, which offers plenty of options for fun and entertainment. 

At our new Malaga offices, we strive to connect Globers to the projects that are just right for them, from among our more than 800 leading customers. We want to give them the opportunity to choose the Career Path that they’re most passionate about. We’re also taking steps to strengthen our unique culture by building a community that’s connected both in and out of the office. Through activities like ping-pong tournaments, hikes, and visits to local tourist attractions, we’re fostering a dynamic culture of belonging that encourages effective collaboration.

About Globant

We are a digital company that helps organizations reinvent themselves and leverage their full potential. We combine innovation, design, and engineering on a large scale.

  • With more than 27,000 employees, we have a presence in 25 countries across 5 continents, and we work for companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Santander, and more.
  • We have been recognized as a Worldwide Leader in CX Improvement by IDC MarketScape.
  • We have also been featured as a case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. 
  • We are members of The Green Software Foundation (GSF) and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord.

To learn more about opportunities at Globant in Spain and around the world, please visit our Careers page.

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