2023 Unwrapped: Tracing the Trail of AI Innovation at Globant

December 28, 2023

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, but this is no surprise. We’ve been living with it for almost ten years. The explosion of generative AI tools has caused worldwide interest, accelerating what was already shaping into one of the most important technologies of recent times. 

At Globant, we have been working with AI for almost a decade and continuously leverage it to deliver top-tier solutions. Our experience with world-class brands and our team of more than 27,000 professionals worldwide have given us the essential competitive advantage to establish ourselves in the technology industry and earned us the recognition of Worldwide Leader in Artificial Intelligence Services by the IDC MarketScape report. 

Today, we’ll look at the key pieces that have emerged in this influential sector over the past year, emphasizing the highlights, trends, challenges, and advantages AI has brought us going forward.   

The revolution of industries with Applied AI 

Our “Applied AI series” explores how different industries, such as media and entertainment, financial services, sports, and automotive, can innovatively apply AI. Each report delves deeper into the abovementioned sectors and groups specific value takeaways on percentages, implementations, adoptions, use cases and more. 

For example, in the financial sector, a great extent of AI innovation comes from cloud computing platforms, giving financial institutions the flexibility needed to improve their digital capabilities without investing in owning and operating their infrastructure. 

In the media and entertainment sector, AI can lower client acquisition costs by up to 50%, improve marketing initiatives, and introduce further opportunities for storytelling that take form in new technological spaces. 

In sports, AI can unleash players’ potential with strategies such as data consolidation for coaches, AI-powered identification, computer vision to find talent, and AI-supported recruiting tools, among others. 

Finally, AI is revolutionizing the modern marketer’s role through personalization at scale, predictive analytics, customer segmentation, chatbots and virtual assistants, and campaign optimization with real-time data.

The practical uses of AI are endless and present a challenge, but also enormous potential if we know how to apply it correctly.

Unscripted Tech: AI in everything, everywhere, all at once

We have observed that AI has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and Globant’s podcast was no exception. In the third season of Unscripted Tech, Rebecca Reed, Digital Marketing Strategist at Globant, meets with various experts to get essential insights on how this technology revolutionizes industries. In the latest episode, she talks with Agustin Huerta, SVP of Digital Innovation at Globant, and JJ Lopez Murphy, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Globant, about recent innovations in AI and the expectations it will bring as it evolves. 

Our experts discuss how we should deal with emerging technologies and the concerns they imply (the biggest one being the fear of machines replacing humans). They also discuss the ethics and responsibility that education about AI should bring to current and future generations and the necessity of accompanying its use with critical thinking to understand its limitations. Finally, they talk about the management of human agency regarding AI and emphasize that AI has to be our co-pilot in the projects we embark on rather than the other way around. 

Listen to the exciting conversation here.

Converge 2023 – AI: Limitless Disruption

Globant’s flagship event brought some of the most prominent disruptors of the current era. Converge, held virtually in November 2023, gathered leaders such as Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, Jane Lauder of Estee Lauder, Best-Selling Author Walter Isaacson, and Matias Muchnick, CEO of NotCo, to discuss the tangible impacts of AI on their respective industries and how they have been managing it at this unprecedented pace. From philanthropy to food, all agree on the tool’s potential when coupled with human development. 

The surprising insights range from improving the customer experience by creating a more integrated flow of consumption to the moral implications of AI and social media to technology trends in the food sector, such as lab-grown meat or algorithms in creating sustainable food molecules. 

The more than 40,000 people worldwide registered for Converge demonstrate an interest in continuing to explore the conversations around AI and the practical uses that are transforming the future. 

Watch all of the incredible talks here.

AI-powered reinvention stories 

Our customers’ success is our success. This year, we accompanied world-class brands down the path of reinvention, incorporating our groundbreaking AI-powered innovations into their solutions. From brand activations to healthcare, the results of these stories are just one example of the cross-sector impact of this versatile technology. 

Some of our success cases include developing mission-critical web applications for KFC, creating an AI bot for ImagineLearning, devising a digital intelligence tool to calculate the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) for Novartis, leveraging a management solution for diabetes care optimization at LifeScan, improving quality control at a leading media and entertainment company with MagnifAI, and implementing an AI predictive model for Liberty Latin America, among others.

Increased sales, process optimization, and customer experience satisfaction were some of the shared consequences we reached thanks to AI and the expertise of our 4 Studio Networks, accelerating the adoption of AI even in those companies with little technical knowledge and ensuring relevance in a constantly evolving market. 

Tech Trends: All about AI

We couldn’t end the year without publishing our annual Tech Trends Report on the trends that will define 2024. Immersive experiences, blockchain, robotics, quantum computing, and AI are the trends shaping the market and whose accelerated growth will improve the human experience. In the section on AI, our thought leaders predict that generative AI opens the window of opportunity for businesses of all sizes, focusing on identifying the benefits that will enhance the user experience. 

Those companies that formulate integrated AI experiences, differentiate themselves in the vast ocean of technology tools, identify and sort through unstructured data, and prioritize interactive and user-friendly design are the ones that will succeed. That said, without neglecting the great responsibility that comes with this power. At Globant, we developed our AI Manifesto as a commitment to self-imposed standards for participating in AI projects. We aim to maintain integrity, build trust in the marketplace, and contribute to sustainable results.

Some other predictions regarding AI include the rise of action-based AI products, the adoption of AI to improve outcomes and manage resources, the monitoring of the regulatory environment that is emerging around AI, and the continued exploration of how AI integrates into companies’ brands, operations, and business models. Learn about these and other trends by downloading our report here.

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