NotTalking with NotCo’s Matias Muchnick at Converge 2023: How AI is impacting the future of food

December 19, 2023

“The power comes when technology and humans combine,” said Matias Muchnick, CEO and Co-Founder of NotCo, in conversation with Diego Tartara, Chief Technology Officer at Globant, during the most recent edition of Converge, titled AI: Limitless Disruption. 

NotCo is a company that is revolutionizing the way we consume meat (or, rather, don’t consume meat). How? Through an AI-powered algorithm. NotCo was born out of the need to find an alternative to animal-based food consumption and the opportunity to find a solution with technology. As Muchnick explains: “We wanted to create a company that would make food products faster, better, more accurately, and at a lower cost than anyone else in the industry.” 

As a result, his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for democratizing sustainable food led him to research and understand the science behind the food industry, finding AI an ally to innovate in a way never seen before.

From the initial study of plant molecules to the creation of formulas that simulate the taste of meat and chicken, Muchnick relied on AI to understand the molecular components that influence human perception of the smell, color, taste, and texture of some of the most consumed foods in the world. Interest in these formulas quickly began to grow, attracting the attention of important investors in the market, as he tells Diego Tartara. 

Muchnick also highlights the role of AI in developing a technology capable of innovating not only in the final consumable product but also in all areas of the production process, something he sees as part of the future of the food industry. NotCo’s founder envisions alternative proteins, synthetic biology, and lab-grown meat as food technologies that will dominate the industry. Moreover, developing these will open up the possibility of creating unimaginable flavors and improving existing ones.

Interested in learning more? Discover all the insights and relive this exciting Converge moment here.

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