Innovating Aesthetics and Athletics: Jane Lauder and Gillian Zucker share their vision of AI at Converge

December 12, 2023

What do the sports and beauty industries have in common? During this year’s Globant Converge: AI: Limitless Disruption, Gillian Zucker, President of Business Operations at LA Clippers, and Jane Lauder, Chief Data Officer at Estée Lauder, talk about trends in the sports and beauty industries, discuss the new horizons that will redefine customer experiences, and explore the use of technology to establish sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

One of the LA Clippers’ most ambitious projects is the construction of the Intuit Dome. With Globant as a key partner, the LA Clippers are embarking on a journey to build a phygital experience that will change people’s expectations of what it’s like to experience a live event. “How do you meet the needs of 20,000 people when they all want something at the same time? Technology has the capability to do that,” says Zucker. 

On the other hand, Jane Lauder talks about the secret of the 75-year-old beauty company: the one-to-one storytelling relationship that her grandmother Estée created. Today, this remains its north star, enhanced by the power of technology. Lauder also dives into using data and insights as crucial tools for creating a desirable product, a story, and an image that creates excitement, especially in an era where social media plays a pivotal role in understanding old customers and new generations. As Lauder says: “Beauty is personal, and the personal is really driven by data.” 

Both the Sports and Beauty industries are reaping the rewards of using data and artificial intelligence to understand their consumers better and analyze competitors disrupting the industry to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape. 

Watch the entire conversation between these sports and beauty industry leaders here.

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