Globant’s Dreamforce ’22 Recap: The biggest announcements and what they mean for your business

For Salesforce users, Dreamforce is the event of the year – the place to learn about all the latest developments, experience cutting-edge demos, and get inspired by what the platform can do. But if you didn’t make this year’s event – or need a quick refresher – Globant has you covered with this helpful recap of Dreamforce ‘22.

 3 can’t-miss announcements from Dreamforce ‘22 

1. Introducing Genie.

At Dreamforce 2022, the most-talked about attendee was a bunny named Genie – the personification of Salesforce’s latest feature that “turns data into real-time customer magic.” With Salesforce Genie, companies now have access to real-time data, allowing them to deliver seamless, timely, personalized experiences across all clouds.

 What it means for you: Genie might work like magic, but the secret is all in the integration. Companies still need a strong data and integration strategy to ensure that the platform processes the right data to deliver the insights the business needs. 

2. Give me some Slack.

 Does your company use Slack? Well, we have good news for you: At Dreamforce, Slack introduced Slack canvas – “a new surface where teams can create, organize, and share essential information.” The best thing about Slack canvas is that it’s a no-code solution. Users can easily integrate dashboards and automate business-critical workflows with pre-loaded buttons and forms.

 What it means for you: With Slack canvas, your team can streamline many common workflows with the help of built-in automation tools. For example, a manager can approve a discount with the click of a button (and without logging into the CRM); sales managers can create a lead via a form, no coding required!

3. WhatsApp with you?

 Gleaning insights from customer chats just got easier with the new Salesforce and WhatsApp integration. With this new API, businesses can import sales and service chats from the messaging app directly into the Salesforce platform. No more custom-built integrations necessary!

 What it means for you: With this integration, WhatsApp has become an even more powerful communication channel. Companies already using the app can harvest data more efficiently – and those who don’t can reevaluate their strategy now that the API exists.

 What Globant can do for you

 A change in Salesforce requires a change in your business. You need to update and evolve to get the most out of these announcements – and Globant can help.

 What makes Globant the ideal Salesforce partner:

  • Full, end-to-end business process transformation services with deep Salesforce expertise
  • A robust Studio model that delivers in-depth support across key sectors and digital technologies

Salesforce Studio | Data & AI | Digital Sales | Metaverse | Design

  • Deep integration capabilities with MuleSoft and, now, Salesforce Genie
  • An official Slack Industry Solutions Partner
  • Newly launched Salesforce capabilities with Augoor, our AI-enabled tool that makes development easier and faster
  • A long list of Salesforce accolades and recognition, including our most recent Partner Innovation Award for Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality


Spotlight on Globant

Learn more about what Globant was up to at Dreamforce ‘22

Globant Salesforce Studio lead and metaverse expert, Dario Bak, hosted a demo session “Monetizing the Metaverse with Salesforce”. Learn more here to learn how to integrate your metaverse initiative with your existing Salesforce toolset to track, unite, and activate data across the Customer 360 platform.
Globant’s Women that Build Breakfast, led by our US-Salesforce Managing Director Suyash Awasthi, brought together women and allies in the Salesforce Ecosystem Winner of the Partner Innovation Award for Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality for our work with Edwardian Hotels Named an official Slack Industry Solutions Partner



Globant: Take the next step to Salesforce success

 Reach out to our Salesforce Studio today to learn more about how your organization can use these exciting new features and partnerships – and optimize your entire Salesforce platform investment.

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