Venturing into the metaverse? Monetize your investment with Salesforce

September 15, 2022

We’ve all seen the headlines: The metaverse is the future of everything.

From retail and automotive to financial services and manufacturing, the metaverse presents exciting new ways for companies to connect with customers and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their existing base.

And yet, many organizations that are planning their entry into this exciting new world might be missing one key element within their strategy: Monetization.

Every business investment needs a return, and the metaverse is no exception. While customer engagement and relationship building are great reasons to pursue a metaverse initiative, a sustainable program must also drive value for the business through unlocking new revenue streams, generating viable leads, or driving more robust customer insights.

That’s where Salesforce comes in. By integrating your metaverse initiative with your existing Salesforce toolset, organizations can track, unite, and activate data from new experiences across their Customer 360. The metaverse goes from a potentially siloed effort to a value driver across sales, marketing, and operations.

How does Globant’s Salesforce CRM + metaverse integration work?

  1. The customer or prospect enters the metaverse experience and interacts with various features.
  2. All user activity, including reactions, comments, and time spent on each component, is captured and saved.
  3.  Data from the metaverse experience integrates with other Salesforce data via MuleSoft.
  4. The data produces a 360-degree customer profile and granular customer segments.
  5. Sales and marketing teams access the data via Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Tableau. They can create tasks or campaign elements that are hyper-personalized to each customer’s needs and interests.

Building a sustainable, value-driven metaverse strategy with Salesforce and Globant at the core

The race to the metaverse may be underway – but winning isn’t just a matter of speed; it’s a matter of strategy. Here we share three key considerations for organizations to ensure they make it to the metaverse and generate impact for the business.

  1. Start small. As with any new technology or platform, it takes time to build maturity. Organizations new to the metaverse can start with relatively simple experiences to understand this new world and determine how and where to engage their target customer.
  1.  Integrate early. Organizations should approach the metaverse strategically from the very start. By that, we mean that businesses should ensure they integrate data from the metaverse with their Salesforce tech stack using MuleSoft. This helps the organization drive value from its initial metaverse investment and sets it up for success as engagements become more complex.
  1.  Partner with the pros. The metaverse is a new and emerging field – and most organizations will need help defining the strategy that meets their needs. It’s essential to pick a partner with deep and diverse metaverse capabilities and the capacity to rethink business models, bring them to life, and integrate them across your technology stack – including Salesforce.

Globant brings together our cutting-edge Metaverse Studio, Business Hacking Studio, and a robust Salesforce Studio to help brands explore this new platform and reap the rewards of their creation. These teams can also integrate seamlessly with other Studio teams, including Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Gaming, and Industry Studios, allowing our clients to rapidly mature their metaverse strategy and continuously drive value for the business.

Ready to make the most of the metaverse with Salesforce? 

Join us at Dreamforce on Wednesday, September 21st at 11:30 am in Campground Theater 2 for our session – How to Monetize the Metaverse with Salesforce and learn more about what the metaverse and Salesforce can do for your business.

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