Globant x Salesforce: Our Top Stay Relevant Content from 2023

December 21, 2023

Discover the pinnacle of Salesforce insights from 2023 in our curated collection of key articles. These essential reads cover the latest advancements and strategic applications of Salesforce, highlighting groundbreaking integrations like Einstein GPT, transformative strategies in healthcare and pharma, and cutting-edge innovations unveiled at Dreamforce 2023. Each piece delves into how AI and ML are revolutionizing Salesforce usage through tools like Navigate, offering invaluable guidance for maximizing its potential. Whether it’s enhancing customer engagement, streamlining processes, or leveraging AI for more innovative business solutions, these articles are your gateway to understanding how Salesforce, combined with Globant’s proven capabilities, can put your business on the fast track to CRM success

At Globant, we value our trusted partnership with Salesforce and work to continuously drive customer growth forward. From our USD 1 billion investment plan in Latin America, focused in part on emerging technologies and developing new AI applications for Salesforce solutions, to featuring Salesforce’s Co-founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, and Globant CEO, Martin Migoya, at our premiere event, Converge, to discuss the artificial intelligence revolution that both organizations have held key roles in, we’re building on the successes of 2023 to power our customers in 2024. 

Einstein GPT: What Salesforce’s generative AI tool means for you

Salesforce’s new Einstein GPT integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology into its CRM platform, enhancing content automation across various applications. It generates personalized emails, customer responses, and developer support. Central to its function is the Salesforce Data Cloud, which informs AI models with unified customer data. While content is AI-generated, human oversight remains essential.

Organizations should prepare by ensuring their data is clean and relevant, conducting Salesforce assessments, and experimenting with existing AI tools. Those proficient in Salesforce can develop custom solutions using the ChatGPT API. In a closed pilot, Einstein GPT’s broader release is imminent.

Globant offers support through its expertise in AI, helping businesses gear up for Salesforce’s steady deployment of AI capabilities and optimize their use of generative AI technologies. Learn more in the full article.

Three ways Salesforce can help pharma companies connect with healthcare professionals 

Salesforce is revolutionizing HCP engagement in the pharmaceutical industry by:

  • Using Salesforce Customer 360 to create detailed HCP profiles, enabling personalized outreach.
  • Employing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for efficient, tailored content creation.
  • Leveraging Einstein AI to optimize targeted campaigns.

Partnering with experts like Globant enhances the strategic use of Salesforce, ensuring effective digital communication with HCPs. Globant’s expertise helps pharmaceutical companies maximize Salesforce’s potential for improved engagement. Read the full article to learn more

Maximizing the value of Salesforce within Healthcare & Life Sciences 

Agustin Lamas, Globant Healthcare & Life Sciences Global Managing Director, discusses the significant role of Salesforce in transforming the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. He emphasizes that the industry faces numerous challenges, such as adapting to post-COVID-19 changes, regulatory shifts, and supply chain issues. Salesforce, with its comprehensive toolset, including Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, MuleSoft, Einstein, Tableau, and Genie, is pivotal in enhancing customer engagement across the entire value chain. Despite its potential, many organizations need to utilize Salesforce’s capabilities more. Lamas highlights the importance of integrating Salesforce data across various business sectors to exploit its potential fully. Globant, as a transformation partner, offers deep expertise in Salesforce and the healthcare sector, helping organizations to use Salesforce effectively for better patient outcomes and efficient processes. Lamas foresees a future where Salesforce, integrated throughout the value chain, will generate precise insights for healthcare and life sciences, an endeavor Globant is eager to support. Read the whole Stay Relevant article here

Dreamforce 2023: The top 5 Salesforce platform innovations and what they mean for your business

Dreamforce 2023, dubbed the “largest and most magical AI event ever,” featured five major announcements from Salesforce, reshaping business use of their platform:

  1. Einstein 1 Platform Launch
  2. Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio
  3. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses
  4. Salesforce and Google Workspace Integration
  5. Launch of Life Sciences Cloud

Globant played a pivotal role at Dreamforce 2023, showcasing their AI and ML tools for Salesforce optimization and hosting discussions on various topics. They emphasize their readiness to assist organizations in harnessing these new Salesforce innovations for business transformation. Read more about the 5 Dreamforce announcements in the full article

Want unrivaled Salesforce success? Tap the power of AI and machine learning.

Salesforce is widely used in enterprise organizations but is often underutilized due to data inaccuracies and complex systems. To address these issues and optimize Salesforce use, Navigate, a process intelligence platform by Globant, leverages AI, ML, and digital twin technology. Navigate analyzes actual business data to identify bottlenecks, suggest automation, and provide actionable insights, helping companies fully utilize Salesforce. Here are four ways Navigate enhances Salesforce:

  • Identifying Bottlenecks
  • Automating Processes
  • Benchmarking Across Geographies
  • Providing End-to-End Visibility

Navigate promises significant operational savings, faster process flows, and higher productivity by leveraging data and AI in conjunction with Salesforce. Dive into how Navigate enhances in these four ways in the full article.

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