3 ways Salesforce can help pharma companies connect with healthcare professionals

March 21, 2023

Salesforce benefits the pharma industry by connecting them with healthcare professionals in an increasingly complex and crowded world

For pharmaceutical industry management, such as patient services managers, pharma program directors, and sales reps, engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) has become far more complicated in the past few years. Not only are doctors, administrators, and other HCPs still managing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are also dealing with a host of related issues like staff shortages, rising patient counts, and an onslaught of administrative tasks.

Once meetings and briefings with pharma stakeholders or industry conferences and events might have been a welcome break from the daily grind for HCPs, they now may feel like a nuisance. While it may seem counterintuitive, this disconnect may be a problem for patients because, in many cases, the programs, products, and services these reps want to discuss could help improve patient outcomes, ensure quicker and more accurate diagnoses, decrease side effects, or reduce treatment time.

The question is: How can pharma professionals share their information in a timely, relevant, and meaningful way – without taking unnecessary time and attention away from patients?

That’s where data and technology come in. With the right strategy, insights, and toolset, it is possible for pharma program managers, patient services leaders, and sales teams to build and maintain personal relationships all in the digital world.

3 ways to take HCP engagement to the next level with Salesforce

  1. Get to know your HCPs with Salesforce Customer 360.

The first step towards building a lasting relationship with an HCP is understanding who they are, what they do, and what is important to their practice. This means knowing the patients they serve, the challenges they are experiencing, and even what’s going on in their local community.

Using a platform like Salesforce Customer 360, comprised of various tools within the Salesforce ecosystem, including Health Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud, helps pharma stakeholders unite data from internal and external sources to produce a single, easy-to-understand, personalized profile for every HCP.

For example, pharma reps can leverage Customer 360 to bring together existing data sources from the marketing and sales teams, public health data, social listening capabilities, and local news events via Health Cloud to get a clearer sense of what matters most to that particular HCP. With this additional context, sales reps can tailor their outreach, so they are not pushing a product but helping HCPs solve a problem.

For example, when a recent study revealed an increase in late-stage cervical cancer in the U.S, Pharma companies working in that field could use this information to proactively reach out to relevant HCPs to underscore the importance of routine screening, as well as the availability of patient programs, treatment services, or clinical trials. Sharing this information at the right time, with the right people, in a simple, understandable way can help HCPs better serve their patients by improving access to the services and programs they need.

With the proper context, sales reps can tailor their outreach to not push a product but solve a problem.


  1. Create impactful content with a connected outreach campaign in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Even if your pharma company has the most incredible program, product, or service worldwide, email alone doesn’t build awareness. Impactful messages are timely, relevant, and personalized. And therein lies the problem: Who among us has time to craft hundreds of personalized messages each week?

Enter the content factory. A content factory is a new capability that combines people, technology, and tools to help teams track, organize, adapt, and deliver effective, personalized content efficiently at scale. Working with a company like Globant, pharmaceutical companies can produce a robust set of digital assets easily cataloged, tagged, adapted, and updated based on insights from connected tools and systems, such as Health Cloud. When integrated with a tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, companies can streamline communication and outreach, taking important messages and news to the market quickly and efficiently.

For example, Globant can help a company design and develop templates that could be updated whenever new public health information is released about a disease or condition related to the company’s products or services. HCPs who receive the message don’t see it as a marketing campaign but as a way to share relevant and highly valuable information.

Content that informs is content that inspires action.


  1. Create a content ecosystem and pinpoint moments of impact with the help of Einstein AI.

Relationship-building requires much more than email campaigns – and Salesforce can help you build all the tools you need. From mobile apps to websites, the Salesforce ecosystem can help pharma companies quickly and easily assemble the content infrastructure they need to launch integrated, omnichannel campaigns and the follow-through actions they drive, such as program enrollment, tracking adherence, and much more.

With the help of Einstein AI – Salesforce’s AI technology that turns customer data into business insights – it’s possible to segment better and target the campaign audience, reaching people on the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. When underpinned by a robust data strategy, the insights developed within Salesforce become more precise over time, which means that teams can launch campaigns that are more personalized and relevant… driving key metrics like enrollment, conversion, and adherence.

Making the most of your Salesforce investment with Globant

 While Salesforce offers pharma companies a significant value opportunity, the platform requires a carefully constructed strategy to execute, integrate, and optimize the instance to deliver the results organizations need and expect. Even for companies already implementing Salesforce within their sales and marketing teams, these groups may not use the tools to their fullest potential across the entire enterprise.

 Working with a transformation partner like Globant, pharma brands can leverage the business acumen, Salesforce expertise, and robust industry experience needed to help them optimize their Salesforce investment, streamline integration across the business, adapt instances to meet local needs and requirements and increase adoption among key teams. Together, we can help companies reach the next level in their Salesforce program – all in the digital world.

 Ready to learn more about how Globant can help you reinvent your Salesforce program? Contact our Healthcare & Life Sciences team to schedule a consultation today.


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