Einstein GPT: What Salesforce’s generative AI tool means for you

4 steps you can take today to prepare your organization for Einstein GPT

ChatGPT has dominated news cycles since its launch in late 2022 – and now Salesforce is getting in on the action. Earlier this month, the company announced Einstein GPT, a new generative AI tool to help companies connect with their customers in “more intelligent, automated, and personalized ways.” But what is Einstein GPT exactly, and what does it mean for your business?

In this post, our Salesforce Studio and Data & AI Studio leaders break down the latest Salesforce announcement and everything you need to know about Einstein GPT.

 What is Einstein GPT?

 Einstein GPT is the next iteration of Einstein, Salesforce’s integrated set of AI technologies for its CRM platform. Einstein GPT leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology and Salesforce’s proprietary AI models to deliver AI-generated content across the Salesforce ecosystem, including the Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Clouds, Slack, and the Developers Portal.

 What are some examples of content Einstein GPT can produce?

 Einstein GPT promises to help Salesforce customers automate all forms of content creation. This could include:

  •  Personalized sales emails
  • Responses and replies to customer service requests
  • Personalized campaign content, such as ads, web copy, emails, and notifications
  • Support for developers in writing, searching, and commenting on code


 In addition, the new ChatGPT for Slack integration gives teams the option to summarize conversations, research a variety of topics and automatically draft messages and responses.  

 How does Einstein GPT work?

 Data and AI are at the heart of Einstein GPT. Here’s how it works:

 Salesforce Data Cloud ingests, harmonizes, and unifies the company’s customer data.

  1. That data and generative AI technology from the Salesforce partner ecosystem are fed into Salesforce’s proprietary AI models.
  2. Einstein GPT will be trained with the company’s customer data in Salesforce, ensuring security and privacy principles.
  3. Natural-language prompts can then be generated directly within Salesforce to create content.
  4. Content can be continuously updated and adapted in real-time based on changes to the customer data set.
  5. Human intervention will still be required to oversee what the AI has generated – as Salesforce stated, “AI is here to help us, not replace us.”


Because data is the foundation of Einstein and Einstein GPT, it is imperative that companies have a clear data strategy and comprehensive data capabilities to inform the AI models that will power Einstein GPT. Organizations need to properly prepare their data set and maintain it to use these tools to their fullest potential and generate content that is relevant, accurate, meaningful, and timely.


Need help with your data strategy? Globant can help. Learn more about our Data & AI Studio


 How can I use Einstein GPT today?

 As of publication, Einstein GPT is currently in a closed pilot. Availability for all users is expected later this year.

 That said, there are steps organizations can take now to prepare to make use of Einstein GPT or seize the opportunity of forms of generative AI:

  1.  Prepare your data. Data is the engine behind Einstein GPT. Organizations that want to use this new tool should ensure their data is ready to go when Einstein GPT is made available to all users. This may include: Ensuring all data is clean, timely, and relevant; Fine-tuning data collection, management, and governance structures; and defining the enterprise data architecture. If companies are not already leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly Salesforce CDP), now is the time to start since these tools are essential to achieving a 360-degree customer view and enhanced CX.
  2. Conduct a Salesforce assessment. Einstein GPT is an exciting addition to the Salesforce ecosystem. However, many features and functionalities on the platform today can help your teams automate tasks, improve workflows, and drive efficiency. Undergoing a Salesforce assessment with a Salesforce partner is one way to ensure your company is maximizing its current investment and ready to deploy Einstein GPT when it becomes available.
  3. Experiment with AI. Organizations eager to reap AI’s benefits – including generative AI – need not wait to begin using this technology. There are countless tools and solutions available on the market today that can meet a variety of use cases – from automating content creation to developing code and everything in between. Start with a small-scale pilot to better understand not just how generative AI technology works but also the other aspects of your organization that will need to evolve to use it at scale. 
  4. Build on your own! If your team is familiar with building Salesforce Lightning components and coding within the platform, you can make those components even smarter using the ChatGPT API. For example, the Globant Salesforce Studio team built our own solution within Marketing Cloud to auto-generate email responses, propose the Next Best Action, summarize long conversations, and more. While organizations prepare for the full launch of Einstein GPT to all Salesforce users, building a personalized ChatGPT solution to meet your specific needs today is possible.

On your marks. Get set. GPT!
Getting started with Globant’s Salesforce Studio and Data & AI Studio

Exciting as the generative AI landscape is, researching the market and identifying the ideal partner can be complex and time-consuming. But forward-thinking companies cannot let complexity stand in the way of using emerging technologies to achieve a competitive advantage. 

As a digital native and pioneer in artificial intelligence, process optimization, automation, and BPM, Globant is here to help. Our robust Studio model combines expertise from across our Salesforce, Data & AI, and Industry Reinvention Studios to offer clients a comprehensive set of tools, apps, accelerators, and capabilities to help them craft a customized solution and technology strategy based on their unique needs, existing investments, and future goals. We’re the team that can help you seize the opportunity of generative AI – whether that means preparing the organization for the full launch of Einstein GPT, identifying a generative AI application to meet your current use cases, or building your own custom solution. 

Ready to learn more about how your organization can use Einstein GPT and prepare for its official launch to all users? Contact Globant to schedule a consultation with leaders of our Salesforce Studio and Data & AI Studio today to learn more about generative AI and what it means for your business.


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