Dreamforce 2023: The top 5 Salesforce platform innovations and what they mean for your business

September 19, 2023

Billed as the “largest and most magical AI event ever,” Dreamforce 2023 did not disappoint. For four action-packed days, an estimated 40,000 attendees, including some of the world’s biggest names in AI, technology, business, and entertainment, helped companies discover the latest and greatest ways to use the Salesforce platform.

 In this post, we recap the five biggest announcements from Salesforce and what their most recent platform innovations mean for your business.

 5 big announcements from Dreamforce 2023 that you need to know about

  •  The launch of the Einstein 1 Platform

 It feels like only yesterday (OK, yesteryear) that Salesforce unveiled Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s integrated set of AI technologies for its CRM platform.

 Now the company is taking these capabilities to the next level, by natively integrating the new Einstein 1 Data Cloud with the Einstein 1 Platform, enabling customers to connect data sources from across their organization and create a unified, comprehensive profile of their customer. Users can then leverage Salesforce’s built-in generative AI capabilities to “infuse AI, automation, and analytics into every customer experience.”

 “Having Data Cloud and Einstein AI native on the Einstein 1 Platform is a game changer for organizations who are struggling to connect and integrate their data across teams and functions,” says Dario Bak, Salesforce Studio Partner. “With these enhanced capabilities and new integrations, Salesforce users can tap the power of data and AI to create personalized customer profiles and customize experiences at scale.”

  •  The introduction of Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio

 At Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce also introduced Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant, and Einstein Copilot Studio, a suite of digital capabilities helps developers use generative AI to build custom applications with low-code prompts.  

 With Einstein Copilot, Salesforce users can ask questions in natural language – and receive relevant, accurate answers, as well as recommendations for what actions the user can take as a next step. Einstein Copilot Studio takes this capability a step further, enabling teams to turn those natural language prompts into code and create custom AI-powered apps.

 “Generative AI is playing an undeniable role in helping companies across industries improve efficiency, lower costs and enhance the CX through personalization,” Oscar Vargas, Globant Salesforce Industries and Solution Lead. “With the launch of Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio, every CRM user can create business applications and automated workflows that will help them work better and faster.”

  • Free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses

As part of the Einstein 1 launch, Salesforce also announced that it would be providing free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses to jumpstart clients’ data journey. This free package, which is available to any company that has Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise or Unlimited licenses, includes two free Tableau creator licenses, as well as Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 users.

With Data Cloud and Tableau, users can access real-time data and create timely, interactive, intuitive dashboards to identify trends and patterns often missed in traditional, static reports and enable stronger decision-making.

“This offer is hugely exciting for companies that have yet to implement Data Cloud, and tap its immense power for deep, AI-enabled analysis and data-driven decision-making,” says Adriana Marquez, Head of Tableau for Globant’s Salesforce Studio. “We strongly recommend companies take advantage of this opportunity and begin to leverage Data Cloud and Tableau to enable a deeper and more robust understanding of their business through advanced data capabilities and dynamic reporting.”

  •  Integration of Salesforce and Google Workspace

 Dreamforce 2023 was especially exciting for Google Workspace users since Salesforce announced an expanded partnership with Google to enhance generative AI capabilities across both platforms.

 As part of the partnership, Salesforce and Google Workspace will integrate their generative AI assistants so that users can create customized content, automatically update records and automate processes through custom workflows.

 This is a huge step forward for companies that use Salesforce and Google Workspace. With these new capabilities, users can create connected generative AI experiences that will dramatically enhance productivity and help create a stronger, more streamlined customer experience.”

  • The launch of Life Sciences Cloud

During Dreamforce, Salesforce also demonstrated its continued investment in the healthcare and life sciences industry by unveiling Life Sciences Cloud. This net-new offering is organized into three main pillars:

  1. MedTech CRM, which will help companies understand the complex relationship between the front and back office and reduce revenue leakage
  2. Clinical Operations, a HIPAA compliant clinical & research platform to deliver efficient trials and therapies 
  3. Pharma CRM, a data and AI-powered system that will enable new engagement models to transform the HCP engagement from rule-based, in-office engagement to omnichannel, hybrid in person-virtual  

“The launch of Life Sciences Cloud by Salesforce provides healthcare, life sciences and pharma companies with a new and enhanced suite of powerful tools that can help them work more efficiently and effectively, while also providing a better engagement with all Life Sciences stakeholders,” says Oscar Vargas. “We are excited to help our clients leverage this new Cloud and use it to power the reinvention of their companies and the industry at large.”

  •  RevOps, Reinvention and AI: See what Globant was up to at Dreamforce 2023

 Globant was proud to be among the technology and business transformation partners who were leading important conversations at Dreamforce 2023. 

Our main Theater session, Leveraging Applied AI for Salesforce Optimization, demonstrated how Navigate, our proprietary applied AI & ML tool, can be used to create a digital twin of organizations’ Salesforce instance, enabling them to compare current processes with fit-for-standard processes. During our session, we showcased how Navigate can significantly lower costs through identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies and enable 25% higher productivity through process automation and avoided rework.

Globant also hosted a series of discussions and breakout sessions at Dreamforce on a variety of topics, including reinventing revenue operations and how women are leading AI-based business transformation. Keep an eye out for in-depth recaps of these two sessions, as well as personal updates from our executive team.

 What’s next: Capitalizing on the energy and excitement of Dreamforce 2023

 While Dreamforce may technically be over, the real excitement is only just beginning for companies that want to act on these new platform innovations, as well as any other ideas the event inspired.

 For organizations that need help getting started revamping their Salesforce strategy and instance in the era of AI, Globant can help. As a digital native, leader in data, analytics and AI, and proud Salesforce partner, we’re here to help you take the latest technology advancements and use them to power your reinvention in Salesforce and beyond.

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