Converge 2023: Why AI? Going Beyond the Hype

November 21, 2023

Globant’s annual tech event, Converge, provides attendees with the latest ground-breaking insights for business reinvention. It brings together distinguished clients, influential thinkers, and leading voices in technology in a hub of innovation that sparks new ideas and explores the limits of the traditional tech landscape.

This year, Converge, titled AI: Limitless Disruption, will include the challenges and opportunities arising from the artificial intelligence era. It’s also an invitation for everyone to imagine the possibilities AI brings and how we can build a better future with AI together.

AI is the trend that, throughout 2023, has been driving the business discourse, taking efficiency and agility in different professions and industries to the next level. However, it has also led us to ask ourselves what’s the future of work, forced governments to look at regulation issues, and even displayed vital security concerns.

Why Globant chose AI for Converge 2023

AI is moving fast, impacting many spheres and industries, even blockchain and quantum computing, and it’s increasing its presence in our daily work as more powered AI tools become available. 

However, for Globant, it’s a topic that is already familiar, as AI has been one of its business focus during the past decade. Globant has been using AI in different industries, such as Life Sciences and Healthcare, Automotive, Sports, Media & Entertainment, e-learning, and Finance, acknowledging that this technology is pivotal to the new era of business transformation. 

Named a Worldwide Leader in Artificial Intelligence Services by the IDC MarketScape report, featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford, and a member of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, Globant has been solidifying its trajectory with vast experimentation of AI applications. 

By creating Globant X, an incubator focused on turning advanced technology into expandable platforms, Globant positioned itself at the forefront of AI with solutions such as Augoor, a pioneering AI tool for code navigation, and other innovative platforms, such as MagnifAI, StarMeUp, Walmeric, and GeneXus.

At Globant, all Agile PODs are AI-certified to enhance productivity and protect clients’ intellectual property (IP). This means they are trained to identify AI opportunities across industries, infusing projects with innovation and tech power, and skilled in data management and AI-related security.

Aligned with Globant’s AI Manifesto, we ensure the responsible application of AI, adhering to ethical principles and practices among all team members.

AI will accelerate the work of programmers, writers, and other creative jobs, but it still cannot replace them. It’s not for lack of capacity but because these systems lack information about the context we humans have.”-Co-founder & CEO of Globant.

By amplifying its AI capabilities to impact all sectors and industries positively, we know now is the time to display how AI can accelerate business growth backed up by real-world experience.

AI and Globant, a relationship that goes way back

For the past ten years, Globant has been tapping into AI’s capabilities to deliver value to our clients, developing top-tier solutions through our expert team and offering guidance on external AI platforms, using AI to drive reinvention forward. Here are some examples:

AI in sports

“The Perfect Shot” project was a quest to define football’s ideal kick using AI, biomechanical analysis, data from more than 100 hours of archives, and an exhaustive analysis of free kicks by the best footballers. Starting with analyzing the kick’s biomechanics, experts used machine learning to record and model players’ techniques in 3D. 

This led to a replicable model of the perfect shot, showcased in an interactive fan experience in Buenos Aires, demonstrating Globant’s vision of blending passion with technology.

Globant recently unveiled Sportian, rebranding LaLiga Tech to digitally transform the sports and entertainment industry. Sportian merges Globant’s tech innovation with LaLiga’s entertainment expertise, serving 80+ global clients, including Liga Portugal, MotoGP, Sky Mexico, FIFA, NBA, and the LA Clippers.

It introduces three product lines that enhance fan experiences, team performance, and organizational transformation. It is committed to employing cutting-edge technologies like AI and AI tools.

AI in Life Sciences 

Recognized as a leader in Healthcare IT Services in 2022 in SPARK Matrix, Globant’s Life Sciences Studio leverages AI to transform healthcare, with experts frequently sharing insights in the field.

Globant has collaborated with Novartis on an AI tool, SmartPASI, for psoriasis assessment, and with LifeScan, implementing Salesforce’s Einstein AI for diabetes management and enhanced digital customer service. Globant has provided sustained partnership to Smile Direct Club, aiding the expansion and upkeep of their telehealth platform via automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

AI in education

There are many benefits when leveraging AI for education: it can transform customized learning, automate tasks for efficiency, and use analytics for progress tracking. Over 300 Globers developed Globant’s Great Minds’ digital education platform in 27 Agile PODs for both in-class and remote learning. The AI-powered ChevereBot, created by Globant and Imagine Learning, assists students interactively. With Stride, Globant crafted next-gen digital learning with customized pathways, progress tracking, and secure communication for young users.

AI it is

AI transcends the realm of buzzwords and has firmly established itself as a cornerstone of innovation. Its tangible impact across various industries and our lives confirms that it is a life-changing technology. As we continue to explore its potential and ethical implications, it’s clear that AI will remain a constant in the future and will play an essential role in our world’s progress, redefining how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Looking to navigate the AI revolution effectively? Register here for Converge, the tech event that unlocks unlimited business reinvention, and discover how to turn buzz into actual results. 

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