Converge 2023: Navigating business transformation within the AI revolution

November 9, 2023

We are living through an unprecedented technological revolution in which artificial intelligence is under everybody’s eye. Drawing a line in the vast existing offering to maximize its performance in this new era of disruption can be complex, but with the right partner and technology, AI could drive business growth in a way never seen before. At Converge, Globant’s free flagship event, we will discuss the limitless power of this tool and its implications for striking the right balance between the power of AI in business and human labor.

At Globant, we have been the visionary builders behind some of the most innovative brands, and we have been perfecting our AI in business expertise for over a decade, starting with the launch of our dedicated AI Studio. We believe in the disruptive, creative, and human power of AI at the foundation of the next business era, and we are more than ready to take on this next stage of innovation.

Disruptive AI

AI has shown us that anything we imagine (or reimagine) can become reality. From predictive models to current trends, this tool’s transformational and adaptive capabilities are leading us into an exciting future full of new possibilities. Read how Globant disrupts the industry and enhances clients’ experiences with AI use cases:

  • KFC: KFC Group incorporated GeneXus, our low-code enterprise platform for software development, to collaborate with the evolution of the internal development area towards an innovative project management area. This allowed their team to focus its attention on business requirements, which is expected to speed up web application development by up to 7 times and improve mobile development efficiency by up to 9 times.
  • Liberty Latin America: We developed a churn model in collaboration with our Business Hacking Studio and Salesforce Studio to identify the factors that lead customers to reduce their turnover by more than 15%. By analyzing variables such as product usage and customer interaction with LLA, we assigned predictive scores, which allowed automated data flows to ensure that information is integrated and updated at the right time. The data sheet provides LLA with the basis for creating its predictive models. As a result, LLA can develop better relationships with its customers, providing them with solutions that fit their needs.
  • Grupo Flecha Amarilla: We partnered with Grupo Flecha Amarilla to implement Einstein Bot, an AI-driven chatbot integrated with Salesforce data. This chatbot automates 85% of customer queries, allowing agents to handle complex cases effectively. Globant’s expertise enabled the rapid deployment of the chatbot, enhancing customer service efficiency and providing prompt assistance through their preferred channels. This solution boosted the entire customer service ecosystem, thus driving the company’s growth.
  • Autodesk: We collaborated with Autodesk to create ACS, a construction management solution powered by AI. ACS centralizes data access and offers real-time insights through telemetric dashboards and machine learning models. It enables stakeholders to monitor progress, predict risks, and make informed decisions, enhancing efficiency and communication in construction projects. We also created Construction IQ, an AI-powered tool within ACS that analyzes data to classify risks and predict issues related to safety and quality, further optimizing the construction process.

Creative AI

Pushing limitless disruption has never been more feasible than with AI. Today, more than ever, we know that this tool is reinventing businesses, industries, and societies through game-changing creativity. Find out how Globant uses it in some of our cases:

  • Mutua Madrileña: We imagined the future of tennis to execute an activation campaign on the Mutua Madrid Open through the hashtag #ReimagineTennis. We challenged the limits of the imaginable, where AI played a fundamental role that was so well received by the public that we took it all the way to the tournament, performing an exhibition as eye-catching as the competition itself.
  • The Perfect Shot: We combined technology and soccer to determine what the perfect free kick would look like. Using AI, biomechanical analysis, and data from top soccer kickers, we unified a kicking model that we tested with players and fans at an unforgettable event.

Human AI

Behind every advance in machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLM) are, in fact, people. While humans control the narrative, AI serves as the co-pilot, providing the shortcut between the idea and the output. But we need to collectively shape the future of AI together, making this technology work for a greater good. Learn how we are doing it at Globant from these stories: 

  • Lifescan: With a patient-centric vision of providing more efficient and personalized disease management, we implemented Salesforce tools to give a real-time customization and interaction management solution that enabled LifeScan to deliver contextually relevant experiences across all channels. By leveraging Einstein AI, we enhanced segmentation and effectively targeted the desired audience for marketing campaigns. With this strategy, we increased the revenue per user by 9.5% and engagement on the e-commerce site of LifeScan.
  • Imagine Learning: In the education industry, we developed an AI assistant called ChevereBot to improve the instructors’ experience and to drive growth in each student’s unique learning process. The ChevereBot produced accurate answers aligned with educational policies and saved at least 40% of the instructors’ time, allowing them to assist more students effectively and empowering them in their interactions.
  • Novartis: We developed the SmartPASI App, a smart assistant tool using AI to accurately calculate the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index (PASI) in the dermatological field. This tool was seamlessly integrated into healthcare professionals’ daily routines, enhanced patient care, and simplified the treatment process. The success of the app and its 1st place recognition at the 27th EADV Congress bolstered Novartis’ reputation as a leader in digital innovation within the dermatological specialty, demonstrating how AI positively impacts the healthcare industry.

What’s next? Discover it at Converge

We have walked through some of our most emblematic cases powered by AI, but we still have so much to explore. We believe technology has one constant: it will never stop surprising and challenging us. Join Converge for a journey beyond the AI buzzword and unlock powerful AI insights to reinvent your business. Register today!


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