A Globant timeline: 20 years of expansion and growth

September 19, 2023

Globant’s worldwide expansion can be best understood by looking closely at the past 20 years. This overview of Globant’s history honors each year as a stepping stone to what Globant is: A leading digital tech player changing the world by helping world-renowned organizations and Fortune 500 companies reinvent themselves, with over 27,000 people in 25 countries on five continents. 

Through the expertise of thought-leaders in technology, AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, healthcare, finance, media and entertainment, and other industries, Globant is building multiple cutting-edge solutions to reinvent the meaning of innovation. 

Below, we explore Globant’s journey by visiting each milestone along the way, understanding how it transformed into what it is today, and imagining what it might evolve into.

Year 0, 2003: Four friends in a bar + revolutionizing ideas= One big dream 

When Martin Migoya, Guibert Englebienne, Martin Umaran, and Nestor Nocetti started this journey one day at a bar, they planted a seed filled with an entrepreneurial spirit that would grow above limits. 

“We wanted to become the number one software company on earth, developing and transforming other organizations.”-Guibert Englebienne, Globant X President, Latam President & Co-Founder.

They visualized a place that would deliver digital transformation through engineering, innovation, design, and AI solutions, recruiting the best talent and group of professionals worldwide. The first step was a strong foothold in Latin America by opening Buenos Aires, Argentina offices. After acquiring EMC Square as their first client, following lastminute.com, in the UK, the team grew from 10 people to 70 in only six months. 

“Globant was founded with the idea of bringing opportunities to people in Latin America to create technology and demonstrate how good they can be and to plant our flag of technology for the first time in the developed countries. And that was like the first mission that we outlined during the first talks.”-Martin Migoya, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder.

Opened offices in: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Year 1, 2004: Living the dream beyond Buenos Aires

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of technology, few companies have thrived for two decades. However, Globant’s focus on quality and creativity paved the way for speedy recognition attracting clients worldwide. 

“We started thinking, look, the customers for the company we are dreaming of are all around the world. We need to bring those opportunities to the talent, but to the place where the talent is born, where the people are studying, and they shouldn’t move to another place”.- Nestor Nocetti, EVP Corporate Affairs & Co-Founder.

Opened offices in: the United Kingdom.

Year 2, 2005: Leading the IT revolution

As Globant was opening its second Development GOV Center in Buenos Aires, it started to position itself as a leader in digital transformation on a global scale by being named Endeavor Entrepreneur 2005 and recognized as the Best Services Exporter by Export. ar. This same year, the Sloan School of Management of MIT wrote “Leading the IT Revolution in Latin America,” a case about Globant.

Year 3, 2006: Decentralizing talent through Tandil, Argentina

As the digital landscape evolved, the company recognized the potential of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, among other technologies. By investing in these areas and building expertise, Globant opened its development center in Tandil, Argentina, allowing clients to access innovative solutions while driving business growth. This year, Globant became the first software vendor for Google.

“Google was that company that had a great impact on our culture and on who we are today. Very soon, we started to work on many, hundreds of projects inside Google, and we became the best-kept secret in Silicon Valley because many companies were saying, ‘Oh, if these guys are working for Google, then work for me.'”- Martin Migoya, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Opened offices in: Tandil, Argentina.

Year 4, 2007: Unleashing growth and innovation

Expanding operations to the US (Palo Alto) was one of the decisions this year, followed by the founding of Fonalix. Globant also made strides by the recognition of Global Services Magazine as the Top Emerging Global Services Provider.

Opened offices in: La Plata, Argentina

Year 5, 2008: Evolving into a tech trendsetter 

Globant has embraced technological trends and evolved with them, which is why this year IDC named Globant in its study “Latin American Predictions 2008”. Additionally, Globant acquired Accendra, an Argentine Software Company, and Infrastructure Services, Openware. The year ended on a very high note as Globant’s team reached 1000 people.

Year 6, 2009: A Studio transforming experience 

This year, Globant created a Studio model understanding the demand for deeper expertise on the best practices and technologies driving innovation. Each studio focuses on a technology, a discipline, or an industry, and allows clients to access full end-to-end service, from strategy to execution. Today, there are 38 Studios divided into 4 networks of capabilities and expertise to unlock the business’s full potential.  

We can provide an end-to-end experience, and that’s very powerful; that is something that our partners don’t see in a lot of the partners, to have these capabilities, and that is what the companies need right now: A seamless, end-to-end, backend, frontend, agile organization that can react to the customer requirements, and Globant is uniquely positioned to be able to do that.-Diego Maldonado, Executive Vice President and Managing Director Adaptive Organizations at Globant. 

Year 7, 2010: A cool way to work

This year Globant was named Cool Vendor in the Cool Vendors Business Process Services 2010 report by Gartner Inc. 

Opened offices in: Colombia & Uruguay.

Year 9, 2011: Moving forward

Globant acquired San Francisco-based Nextive, a company developing mobile applications to expand its expertise.

Opened offices in: United States. 

Year 9, 2012: Antarctica

Disembarking in Antarctica was a big moment, as was acquiring Brazil-based TerraForum, strengthening Globant’s innovation and expertise in knowledge management consulting. 

“We have successfully achieved a remarkable feat – the establishment of Globant in Antarctica. The sight of our flag proudly unfurled at Base Marambio, bearing the inscription ‘Globant Antarctica,’ filled us with awe and inspiration. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our unwavering belief in limitless possibilities. We are dedicated to envisioning grand ambitions and transforming them into reality.”-Mariana Larrosa, Regional Marketing Lead.

Year 10, 2013: A powerful first decade 

After helping organizations reinvent themselves for an entire decade, Globant’s reach expanded its digital capabilities further in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, and beyond.

Year 11, 2014: Going public, going wide

Globant did its IPO listing on New York Stock Exchange and was featured by FastCompany on the list of top 10 most innovative companies in South America. 

“We decided to go public in essence because we like to dream really big.”- Guibert Englebienne, Globant X President, Latam President & Co-Founder

Opened offices in: Mexico, Peru & Luxemburg.

Year 12, 2015: Hello Asia 

Globant’s acquisition of Clarice Technologies, an innovative software company, was the cherry on top of an impressive year.

Opened offices in: India

Year 13, 2016: Building digital journeys

Globant took the next step towards digital journeys and transformations, widening its capabilities in the UK and the US by acquiring WAE and publishing “The Never Ending Digital Journey.” 

Opened offices in: Chile & Spain

 Year 14, 2017: Keeping up the pace of innovation

Globant acquired PointSource, and Ratio and was acknowledged by IDC Marketscape as a leader in digital customer experience. 

Year 15, 2018: Changing the corporate culture 

Acquiring Small Footprint was only half of the story of this year, accompanied by two significant launches: StartMeUp, a peer-to-peer recognition platform that strengthens corporate culture and organizational values; and, the publishing of “How to Embrace Artificial Intelligence”, a book focused on an essential technology impacting all industries today.

Opened offices in: Belarus & Romania 

Year 16, 2019: A kinder world with the BeKind initiative

Globant acquired Belatrix Software and Avanxo, followed by an extraordinary breakthrough, launching the BeKind initiative. Part of Globant’s essence and part of its success is promoting a culture of innovation and talent development. Fostering a creative and collaborative environment gave way to BeKind and its pillars through efforts that focus on the well-being of the community, people, and environment. It includes the Women That Build initiative which fosters diversity and inclusion, and the Be Kind Tech Fund, guaranteeing that technology remains a force for good.

“Everybody knows that in this industry, I mean, 8% of the people are male, and 20% is the percent average of women that are part of the STEM industry, not only in technology but also in all the other areas… So we thought, ‘Okay, we need diversity to be part of the people in this company daily. We need everyone to think that this is a problem that we need to solve as a team.” -Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer.

Opened offices in: France

Year 17, 2020: Pushing the boundaries of growth

A busy year for Globant as it acquired BiLive, grupoAssa (Argentina), Xappia, Giant Monkey Robot “GMR,” and BlueCap, and launched the solution Augoor, boosting productivity and collaboration with AI software development.

Opened offices in: Singapore

Year 18, 2021: A Global footprint 

Globant acquired CloudShift, Habitant, Walmeric, Atix Labs and Navint, leading Globant to forge strategic alliances with leading technology providers, and entering new markets while broadening services, and solutions to clients. Additionally, this year Globant reached 20k Globers around the world.  

“As part of the LGBTQ+ community, as a gay person, at Globant, I could be myself from the beginning without any concerns, and I feel respected and part of the company. So, I’m proud to be a Glober.”-Wendel Pimenta, Business Analyst.

Opened offices in: Costa Rica & Ecuador.

Year 19, 2022: A game-changing decision, keeping the reinvention ball rolling

One of Globant’s most significant achievements was to become the Global Platform Supporter of FIFA+, and Regional Supporter of FIFA World Cup™, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the user experience of FIFA’s digital platform.

The multi-year deal includes the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. Globant also acquired GeneXus, Sysdata, eWave, ad_bid, Nescara, and KTBO, confirming its unwavering commitment to innovation on different fronts through various strategic alliances.

Opened offices in: Poland, Germany, Canada, Italy, & Australia 

Year 20, 2023: An AI revolution years in the making

This year, the Vertic acquisition consolidated Globant’s digital marketing global network and the Pentalog acquisition, expanding its presence in France. However, the year’s big trend was AI, and Globant was already well-prepared with years of experience in developing AI-powered solutions

Opened offices in: Denmark

As Globant continues to evolve and embrace the next wave of technological advancements, its focus is on continuing to shape the future of the digital landscape worldwide. 

Globant’s remarkable journey over the past 20 years is a testament to the power of visionary leadership, relentless innovation, and a commitment to excellence. From its humble beginnings as four friends with a big dream to a global digital tech player, Globant has redefined the meaning of innovation.

For further details about Globant’s full story and growth, please visit  https://www.globant.com/about

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