Introducing the ServiceNow Studio by Globant

October 11, 2023

You may have heard that there’s a new addition to Globant’s Studio network: The ServiceNow Studio. Representing a team of 400 full-time employees across dedicated locations around the world, this Studio packs a punch for any organization that wants to maximize its investment in the ServiceNow platform.

In this Q&A, we sit down with Martin Szenig, VP of Technology and newly appointed Head of Globant’s ServiceNow Studio, to discuss his team’s capabilities and the opportunity it represents for clients. 

What is the ServiceNow Studio?

The ServiceNow Studio is the latest addition to Globant’s extensive Studio network. It’s a full-service Studio specifically dedicated to the ServiceNow platform. Our goal is to help clients leverage the full potential of the ServiceNow platform in their business and create next-level experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

As part of this Studio launch, we are expanding our already robust presence in Latin America with a dedicated ServiceNow Studio Hub in Sao Paolo, Brazil. This office is strategically located to enable robust near-shore service capabilities for clients in North, South, and Central America. It will also serve as the center for all ServiceNow learning and development opportunities and an innovation incubator.

Why did Globant launch the ServiceNow Studio?

ServiceNow may have started as an ITSM solution for ticketing, but it is now one of the top players in business process automation. For many companies, ServiceNow is critical in helping them compete in the experience era and serves as the digital foundation for new applications, services, and experiences. Over the last several years, Globant’s ServiceNow practice has grown exponentially to meet market demand. With the official launch of this Studio, we are helping our clients access all the resources and skills they need to use the platform to the fullest.

What value does this Studio bring to clients?

First, the ServiceNow Studio offers a full range of services specific to the platform, including customer service automation, knowledge management system creation, no-code/low-code application launch, and ITSM optimization. Our team takes a very flexible approach – meeting clients where they are in the journey and helping them get where they want to be. For some, that might mean using ServiceNow’s robust out-of-the-box capabilities, while others may want to customize and configure the platform to enable new and advanced applications, integrations, and automations. 

Another source of value comes from how the ServiceNow Studio is structured. This Studio is integrated with our Enterprise Studio Network and our Digital, Create, and Industry Studios. This is extremely valuable because modern businesses are rarely, if ever, narrowly focused on just one platform or tool. They use multiple systems for multiple functions to enable an end-to-end process. With this model, we help companies bring together different elements of the business – like Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle to improve operations – and incorporate the necessary digital components and industry expertise.

Finally, we have an extensive and knowledgeable team strategically located worldwide to serve our global client base. The Studio consists of more than 400 full-time ServiceNow employees across our offices in North and South America, including the newly established Studio Hub in Sao Paolo, and two full-service Delivery Centers in Pune and Bangalore, India. These people are strategically located to provide round-the-clock services for our clients and enable near-shore and off-shore delivery capabilities. The size and location of our team allow us to be very flexible in how we deliver services to clients and also enable significant cost efficiencies for our clients. 

Speaking of digital capabilities, does the Studio offer digital services in addition to traditional consulting services?

Absolutely. At its core, ServiceNow is a digital platform – and every engagement has a strong digital angle that requires extensive tech expertise. 

In addition to our technical capabilities specific to ServiceNow, this Studio will leverage Globant’s more expansive digital capabilities, including extensive conventional and generative AI, intelligent automation, and process optimization. This integration is critical to continuously enhancing and advancing ServiceNow applications and creating new opportunities for growth and value. 

I should also add that in addition to the technical elements, most of the engagements anchored in our ServiceNow Studio will also be supported by one of Globant’s Industry Reinvention Studios. This enables our teams to bring deep sector experience and landscape awareness to every program, helping our clients translate platform and digital capabilities into solutions for their specific issues and challenges. 

What do you find exciting about this announcement?

The formation of the ServiceNow Studio is incredibly exciting for me and the entire ServiceNow team. We have worked closely with ServiceNow for more than a decade and served as a premier partner for the past five. As a dedicated practice for many years, we’ve successfully executed hundreds of projects and earned over 1,000 platform credentials. Formally creating this Studio is a recognition of both the incredible work our team has done on behalf of our clients, and the growing importance of ServiceNow within many companies’ digital ecosystems. 

I’m also excited by the value this Studio represents for our clients. Organizing in this way takes our offering to the next level. Ultimately, our clients will reap the benefits of having one integrated, multi-faceted team to help them leverage the platform and other enabling technologies to fuel their transformation.

What are some examples of the work you do for companies?

Our experience is highly varied – if the ServiceNow platform can do it, we can help you. 

Over the years, we’ve been involved in more than 250 successful programs for leading organizations, including engagements for a large global theme park and leading streaming service provider. We offer a comprehensive suite of capabilities, solutions, and accelerators that help streamline workflows, automate processes, and improve collaboration between functions and teams. 

For example, Navigate for ITSM is Globant’s AI ticketing optimization platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML to help organizations streamline their ITSM. When deployed in conjunction with ServiceNow, Navigate for ITSM helps companies quickly unlock platform capabilities, improve adoption through simplified processes, and avoid roadblocks.

What are some ways you are investing in the ServiceNow partnership?

The creation of this Studio is an excellent example of our commitment to the ServiceNow partnership. The establishment of the Studio Hub in Sao Paolo, in particular, will give Globers the chance to earn platform credentials and build related digital and technology skills. 

The ServiceNow Studio Hub will also serve as an innovation incubator for developing products, services, and accelerators. Our team is paying particular attention to generative AI and how this technology can be used within the context of ServiceNow to streamline operations further and accelerate workflows.

We’re very proud to have reached this important milestone in our partnership with ServiceNow and look forward to continuing to build our expertise and capabilities in a critical time for many companies. 

Want to learn more about how your business can use ServiceNow to enable customer, employee, and partner experiences of the future? Contact Martin to learn more about how the ServiceNow Studio can help your business increase efficiency, agility, and innovation – putting you on the path to reinvention.

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