Globant’s Slack DevOps solution: increasing collaboration and automation for Financial Services companies

October 11, 2022

Remote work has become the quintessential model that has allowed companies to continue their operations and meet the needs of both their customers and employees. While this work-from-anywhere approach has provided new ways of interaction,  it also represents a challenge. 

In the financial industry, IT experts and developers work and interact with several tools during the software engineering process. Such tools generate data scattered across emails, web consoles, text messages, and other channels, creating a significant cognitive load. 

How can companies boost productivity, break data silos, and foster collaboration among hybrid teams? Slack launched a new industry initiative to help businesses harness the concept of digital HQ. 

Globant’s Slack-First DevOps solution leverages Slack collaboration, integration, and automation capabilities to help Financial Services organizations boost a DevOps culture and reduce the cognitive load on software developers and IT Operations teams, getting the most out of the CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous delivery) process at the same time. Organizations adopting Slack improve the DevOps teams’ experience and minimize software incidents, impact, and downtime. 

Globant combines practices from our Salesforce, Cultural Hacking, Agile Delivery, and Cloud Ops studios to offer unique services that enable companies to develop a DevOps cultural change and adopt Slack Best practices.

As a Slack Consulting partner, Globant has decades of experience creating innovative solutions for clients. Slack is an agent of change for companies looking ahead to their digital-first future. Globant brings a robust Salesforce Studio to help brands leverage Slack’s new solution.


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