Shaping the Digital Future at the Built Environment Summit: A Globant Perspective

January 4, 2024

Celebrating its 8th year, the Built Environment Summit has emerged as a pivotal event, showcasing the most groundbreaking digital innovations in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Facilities Management, Property Management, and Construction. This year, set against London’s renowned innovative spirit, Globant’s UK Salesforce Studio joined forces with Salesforce to unveil the blueprints of a digital tomorrow.

A Meeting of Minds in London

The summit drew industry giants, ranging from veterans capitalizing on cutting-edge innovations to newcomers embarking on their digital transformation journey. Center stage was the theme of “Reimagining The Client Experience,” “Increasing Productivity With Automation,” and leveraging “The Power Of Data To Drive Efficiencies.” Our keynote speaker, Oliver Lam-Watson, a Double Team GB Paralympic medallist, captivated the audience with his story of resilience and perseverance, mirroring the transformative journey of the industry.

Proven Customer Success: Tales from the Salesforce Frontline

Digital transformation is a unique journey for every entity. At the summit, we had the privilege of hearing firsthand experiences from our clients, including Select Plant Hire, PHS Group, Elivia Homes, Battersea Power Station, and Colliers. Their stories spanned the spectrum of customer centricity, operational efficiencies, and revenue growth through Salesforce, offering invaluable insights into the transformative power of technology.

Diving Into the Digital Deep: Live Demonstrations and Insights

Our product experts provided a tangible look into the future with live demonstrations of cutting-edge solutions addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges. The sessions were categorized into three distinct areas: “Connecting the Customer Lifecycle,” “Maximising Client Value,” and “Reinventing the Customer Experience,” each offering a glimpse into the potential of multi-cloud solutions in reshaping business operations.

The Journey Forward: A Call to Action

As the summit’s sessions concluded, our team, alongside Salesforce and its ecosystem partners, stood ready to guide attendees into their next phase of digital evolution. This marked not an end but a new beginning in the journey towards digital mastery.

The Built Environment Summit was more than an event; it was a catalyst for change and innovation. At Globant, we are committed to driving the digital revolution forward. 

For those eager to explore the latest Salesforce innovations and embark on their transformation journey, our team can help you thrive in the new digital era. Learn how we can start visiting our Salesforce Studio here.

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