The benefits of code visualization and how to leverage it with Augoor

April 13, 2023

Achieving code structure understanding is critical for modern software development teams that want to improve quality, reduce time to market, and easily collaborate. To help developers make their code readable and maintainable, the AI-powered Code Intelligence platform Augoor now introduces Codemap. This feature enables visual representations of codebases to better understand their behavior and relationships.  


Code visualization tools today

Although tools like “Find all references” and debuggers can assist devs in exploring individual lines of code or switching between files, they cannot provide a comprehensive view of the entire codebase and its dependencies. And without a dependable overview of the code, development could become slower, and more difficult to control. 

It’s easy to lose track of the overall structure when working with complex architectures. Code visualization tools act as a bridge between the perception of the system and its actual representation. They enable code comprehension and facilitate organizing and collaborating with confidence. Even if teams have clarity of their future plans and a method for managing files, theoretical documents and a few folders don’t provide a picture of the code’s current state. So visualization helps to optimize the coding process, developing structured, efficient, and effective code.

Technologies like abstract syntax trees, data visualization libraries, code analysis tools, graph databases, and augmented reality enable developers to create graphical or visual representations of code. The innovation behind code visualization is constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern software development.


Augoor introduces Codemap

Did you know developers spend 70 to 90% of their time reading code instead of writing it? Augoor’s AI-powered Code Intelligence platform helps to invert that percentage, boosting dev teams’ output like never before. By enabling faster and better code exploration, analysis, understanding, and documentation, it unlocks dev teams’ potential, accelerating companies’ go-to-market without jeopardizing quality.

Augoor is now introducing Codemap, easy-to-understand code graphs of repositories. “With Codemap, technical leads and software architects can quickly glance from an eagle point of view, the organization, plus source code repositories’ activity and health. Our objective is to help identify, compare, understand, and track projects’ evolution, interaction, and efficiency through time,” says Benjamin Prieto, Technical Director at Augoor.

This feature enables graphs that automatically reveal valuable information about repositories to identify how components are classified, their properties, and their interactions within complex architectures. Using hierarchical levels of representation, circle-packed graphs, and code analysis tools such as SonarQube plugins, Codemap provides a complete analysis of the codebase’s health status and complexity. 


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With Augoor’s Codemap feature, users can have a global visualization and quick understanding of the code structure that makes up the product, as well as it’s level of complexity, possible risks, bottlenecks, and overall health. It allows users to understand the context of any product quickly, locate the source and determine the cause of problems at specific and traceable points in time. It also enables delegating the responsibility of solving these issues. Therefore, this code visualization feature allows companies to accelerate the coding process and better control product quality.

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