Inside Globant’s new Create Studio: The relationship between AI and creativity

June 8, 2023

Businesses constantly seek new ways to become more agile and efficient, adapting to consumer trends, fulfilling industry needs, and integrating emerging technologies. 

As seen with all industries, the marketing world is taking a new shape; however, it has already moved toward its next phase.

The next era of media and creativity has arrived, and the power of AI is propelling it. 

This is the vision of Globant’s newest studio. The Create Studio is focused on empowering brands with creative, marketing, advertising, and digital media studio services and tools using technological innovation and AI.

By guiding all marketing areas towards a business growth and scale mindset and applying an effective use of AI, the Studio opens the path for companies to reach new levels of engagement with users, reinventing their go-to-market strategy with a full-funnel approach. 

Pepe Chamorro, Executive Vice President of Globant Create Studio, shared his views on the connection between AI and marketing.


Does AI empower the creative work of marketing professionals? How can the profession be transformed for the future?

Artificial intelligence empowers the creative work of marketing and creative teams. AI gives us tools and capabilities to efficiently manage, analyze and understand large amounts of data. This allows us to identify patterns, trends, and consumer preferences more quickly and accurately, scale production processes that were previously tedious, time-consuming, and not very valuable, hyper-personalize the message by integrating more variables, and improve productivity.

I believe the creative, strategy, and business teams will have different profiles from their current ones. We will look for people with skills in AI, and we will have to learn to collaborate with intelligent systems. The combination of human imagination and AI’s analytics and automation capabilities will drive the future of marketing.


How can companies ensure that AI does not perpetuate existing stereotypes and biases in their advertising and creative content and instead encourage diversity and inclusion?

Multidisciplinary teams that include experts in diversity and inclusion, ethics, and unbiased algorithm design are essential. These teams should collaborate in defining clear guidelines that promote diversity and inclusion at all stages of the creative and advertising process.

We should regularly audit AI-generated results to identify potential biases. 

If we find biases or prejudices, we should immediately adjust the algorithms and training data. It would also be essential to diversify the data sets used in AI training, avoiding the overrepresentation of certain groups and ensuring that we are training AI in a balanced and representative manner.


How could AI help companies make more informed and effective decisions for advertising campaigns?

AI analyzes large volumes of data in real time, providing valuable insights about audience and campaign performance. This allows us to target accurately and quickly, helps us hyper-personalize messages, and optimize strategies for better results.

Learn more about how Globant is helping organizations reinvent their digital marketing transformation with AI by visiting our Create Studio


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Globant's Create Studio combines digital sales and marketing to build transformative experiences that connect people and brands in meaningful ways. By combining the power of technology, data, and creative minds, we offer a full-funnel comprehensive approach that addresses every aspect of digital marketing.