Discover Globant’s newest podcast: “Unscripted Tech”

August 20, 2021

Globant introduces the first season of the “Unscripted Tech” podcast series, where listeners can learn about the latest technology innovations around the world.

Globant is launching its first technology podcast, making room for inspiring content to get the conversation started on ground-breaking tech trends that are changing how businesses and brands relate to their customers and adapt to a fast-changing world.

Each episode features disruptors, visionaries, and trailblazers who, with a very human approach, offer a window into what to expect next and how to be fully prepared. Data collection, cybersecurity, blockchain, app development, and augmented reality are a few of the topics that ignite the series, displaying examples and case studies that will help businesses move forward and innovate.

This is Globant’s third podcast production so far, alongside Gamificados and Be one of a kind.”

Connecting the dots- Trust, brand, and data

The first episode, titled “Trust in Your Brand Means More Data,” displays the creative paths used to successfully build trust between customers and brands. Globant’s Gonzalo Zarza, Pablo Monge, and Delfina Casal highlight how technology is a powerful and necessary ally that strengthens and enhances user experiences.

 “Data provides context awareness for brands. That’s how we offer them what they need when they need it,”

Gonzalo Zarza, Data and AI Studio Partner at Globant.

To provide answers on how today’s businesses are employing a user’s data to build a closer relationship with their customers, Pablo Monge, Global Head of Digital Sales at Globant, asks crucial questions, such as, how can we interact with data to engage with them? And adds, “Every company should have a really strong strategy around how to manage all the data they have, and how to be fully transparent with their users and clients.”

Delfina Casal, Director of the Digital Marketing Studio at Globant, enriches the episode with an experienced marketing perspective, emphasizing the importance of automation: “Campaigns used to be targeted to everybody and nobody at the same time. With automation, we can help bring those experiences at scale and in real-time.” 

Globant unscripted tech 01
Click on the image to listen to the first episode of “Unscripted Tech”.

Opening new roads for reinvention 

Digital transformation is part of our vision and where we strive to lead our Globers, clients, and ourselves. Right now, the biggest challenge businesses must face is to adapt to constant technological changes. In order to conquer this challenge, our commitment steers us to constantly look for new ways, tools, approaches, ideas, and voices that will help businesses evolve and thrive.

The “Unscripted Tech” podcast is an integrated piece of our journey as industry innovators. We embrace this purpose and invite you to enjoy engaging, cutting-edge talks, told in a completely down-to-earth conversational format, while you discover what the future technological landscape will look like.

Start listening to our podcast by clicking here.

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