Globant’s Sentinel Report – How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world

December 6, 2022

Globant’s mission is to bring to light new solutions, paths, and technologies that will lead organizations and businesses to their reinvention. We know that the next technological revolution will be based on reinventing connections through innovation. We invite you to dive into the evolution of what transcends the digital by permeating into the physical: the metaverse.

“The metaverse is the next evolution of our social interactions. Many brands have already been exploring the space and creating innovative experiences. Still, we understand that companies need a holistic view of their existence within the metaverse to succeed, to create complementary experiences to other connections they have with their customers.”- Matías Rodríguez, VP of Technology of Globant’s Metaverse Studio.

In our Sentinel Report, How the metaverse is transcending digital limits and reinventing our place in the physical world, we explore what the metaverse means and the potential this new realm may offer, bringing new unseen experiences to life for industries, communities, economies, brands, and users.

We gather insights and highlight findings on emerging trends that are being born from the metaverse, shifting the future of the digital and physical world. Within the origins of the metaverse, we unravel the evolution of enveloping storytelling, steadily representing the desire for powerful immersive experiences with a playful search based on new formats, tools, and materials. 

Organizations are identifying the importance and power of reinvention, which now includes how to invest in the metaverse, as this is where a new relationship with the consumer will live. Creative brand alliances and cross-industry strategies will be part of a new business strategy that will flourish in the metaverse.

Read our full Sentinel Report –here to learn more about how the metaverse connects brands to consumers, communities to new solutions, and organizations to new opportunities. 


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The Sentinel Report is one of Globant’s initiatives to help our clients stay relevant through the observation of market trends, insights, and industry behavior from all over the world.