What is next for technology? Top Tech Trends in 2023

How can companies and industries excel in the era of technological disruption?

Every year, Globant launches a report with the most relevant trends in the world of technology. Trends that enable industries and organizations to navigate market demands and reinvent themselves through innovation. 

This year, our Tech Trends Report explores four trends that will help companies navigate the waters of a new technology era.

What is next for technology? 

  • Discovering embedded AI in the every day

AI is so ubiquitous that people might not realize how it already plays a role in their everyday roles: more than 4 billion devices already work on AI-powered voice assistants, and 40% of people use the voice search function at least once daily. Some of AI’s most common use cases are product recommendations, automated financial investing, and digital assistants. Successful companies will bare in mind the public’s usage of AI. 

  • Metaverse burns brighter in 2023 or burns out

After all that has been said about the metaverse, people expect to see it in action. 

One field where the metaverse has promised to change the game is customer experience. People are not just users anymore; now, they are players interacting with brands and products in a 3D shared space. Companies harnessing the metaverse successfully will create immersive experiences with a cohesive strategy across channels. 

Organizations are also leveraging the potential of the metaverse when it comes to training and education. Personalization, gamification, and new educational environments are changing how we learn. Unsurprisingly, education is the second leading sector investing in the metaverse, after IT.

  • Brands are exploring blockchain-based experiences to access younger generations

Blockchain has existed for some time but is now fundamental for providing phygital experiences. As the Web 3 ecosystem grows, businesses and brands increasingly find ways to leverage decentralization while connecting the physical and digital worlds. 

Use cases of NFTs in 2023 will go beyond digital art. Non-Fungible Tokens will capture the attention of younger generations while providing new engagement models for older generations. NFTs trends in 2023 include ticketing, virtual events, DeFi, luxury goods, and music. 

  • The global crisis raises a new hero: smart efficiency

How can companies keep pushing forward their reinvention and digital transformation? 

Low-code and no-code approaches are the new paradigms of software development. With visual editors, low code facilitates workflows and accelerates application delivery.  

Likewise, approaches like Super Apps will provide more personalized user experiences and allow companies to diversify their audience.  By 2027, more than 50% of the global population will be active users of multiple Super Apps daily. 

Tangible technology for consumers and organizations

To dig deeper into how emerging technologies impact businesses and the day-to-day life of customers and employees, Globant’s experts got together in a live webinar, Trends Applied: How AI, metaverse, blockchain, and low code will revolutionize business and our work.

JJ López Murphy, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Camren Daly, Technical Director,  and Isa Gosku – CTO, UK, discussed how top organizations tackle new technology challenges and how you can leverage top trends to navigate a new technology ecosystem.

Learn how to leverage the latest trends in the tech sector and discover what our experts say about the reinvention era. Read our Tech Trends Report 2023 and watch our webinar today

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