Service Design Drinks: design between beers, snacks and post-its

January 31, 2018

By: Yanina Guerzovich
Globant opened its doors to the design community to give “Service Design Drinks” a place in Buenos Aires. “Service Design Drinks” is an event celebrated in several cities in the world with the goal of connecting people interested in Design focused on people, in an open and informal way.
With more than 80 attendees, we had the opportunity of sharing experiences, expanding knowledge and building new opportunities to strengthen the community.
In this first meeting, the organizers Tiffany Soto Saenz and Candelaria Ochoa, focused on introducing Service Design through a group-activity of service blueprinting, beers, snacks and post-its, furthermore, the speakers made people know the value Service Design has.
Pablo Fernandez Vallejo, an ex-Glober, was also a speaker in the event. He had just come back from doing his postgraduate studies in Berlin and wanted to share his experience of research, design and prototyping of services for Manila’s public health. This talk enriched the conversation connecting us with a geographical context,  with near challenges and results generated by the use of service design methodologies.
We are very happy with being able to potentiate this community and to see it growing with these meetings and gatherings. We thank Tiffany and Candelaria for giving us the opportunity of sharing these events’ kick-off. Service Design Drinks help us get to know each other and let people know what we do, putting Buenos Aires in the Service Design drinks global map. We are looking forward to the next meeting and keep connecting ourselves through our interest to share the experience with a  drink in hand. Have Fun and Think Big!
Watch our Instagram Highlight Story to know more about the event!

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