Relive Converge+ and discover how Augmented Coding will revolutionize the future of work

September 27, 2020

Once again Globant has shown that it is possible to summon, dazzle and inspire thousands of people on issues of digital transformation, innovation and artificial intelligence.

With more than 25,000 people registered and 10,000 participants, we were delighted to host our flagship event, Converge+ “Reinvent the future: AI-powered organizations”.

One of the central axes of the meeting was how artificial intelligence is helping to create organizations with “augmented capabilities”, impacting their culture, processes and businesses. We presented Augmented Coding, an Al-powered solution that allows organizations to fundamentally change how they develop software.

To reflect on these issues, we brought together international speakers, thinkers and influencers from the world of technology. The guest star was Steve Wosniak, tech icon and co-founder of Apple Computer, who spoke with Martin Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant, about AI and its impact on the evolution of business.

In addition, Converge+ was attended by Michael Feathers (founder and director of R7K), Brian Elliot (VP of Slack), Tan Le (CEO and founder of Emotiv), and James Taylor (Creativity Speaker and founder of C.SCHOOL). In addition, Globant experts Haldo Sponton (Globant’s Head of AI Development), Sabina Schenider (Globant’s Chief Solutions Officer), and Sanja Licina (Globant’s Future of Organizations Leader) participated in the event.

At the end of the presentations, attendees were able to enjoy a song created by artificial intelligence, which demonstrates how machines and artists are already collaborating in creative ways.

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