React Week Medellín: More Than 500 Attendees For The March 2019 Edition!

March 22, 2019

 As a developer, what makes you get involved in community events? What are the motivations to build and grow a community as an organization? How to connect developers and organizational goals in a single event? With these three questions in mind, we celebrated the second edition of the React Week Medellín at the Medellín Globant offices from March 5th to March 9th.

The selection of the topics and speakers

The first step was as usual, to create the call for proposals one month earlier during the first week of February. We launched the CFP through Sessionize ( with free topics around react’s ecosystem. Surprisingly enough, we only kept it open for 10 days and we received more than forty (40) submissions with very interesting topics. Then we created an academic committee to evaluate the sessions and pick the best seventeen (17). The particularity of this evaluation was it’s blindness nature, meaning none of the evaluators knew who submitted which talk, therefore, guaranteeing the highest quality and transparency. The selection criteria had three clear points: Diversity, Quality, and Uniqueness. The academic committee was formed by three Globers, Gabriel Martínez (Tech Manager and organizer of Development Week Bogotá), Gabriel Trujillo (Tech Manager .net conference speaker) and Federico Kereki (Technical Director and International Javascript and Node conference speaker).
In terms of the knowledge delivery in the event, we selected four introductory talks, eight intermediate talks, and four advanced talks. The talk ́s variety and quality enabled all the developer levels to feel comfortable during the event. Karen Berrio, One of the attendees mentioned:

“The Reactweek was a well planned, well-delivered event, where we could learn the latest trends of technology associated with React in a really enjoyable setting from high-level speakers. Furthermore, we got the chance to do interesting networking at lunchtime, meeting old and new friends.???I’m really grateful to all the people who made this possible and hope it will happen again because I will be there for sure! ??”

About the event

Then when the talks were selected we built the schedule for the event, trying to find the best combination of daily sessions  and topics, making every day attractive for the audience:  Schedule

W IMG 20190305 184313285 min e received more than two hundred fifty attendees the first day, making this day a great hit of this Development week edition.  On the online side, we got more than 50 visualizations through the event streaming on the first day. In general, the audience during the React Week had an average of 150 attendees per day, and we had more than 500 people attending during the whole week.
If you want to view the videos once more, you can access the Development Week playlist, on our YouTube
Elsa Olivares was one of our key speakers who spoke about React Context and MobX, she shared her experience with us:

“Being part of the React week was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to be a speaker for the first time, the participation of the people and the support and effort of the team is what makes this type of events worthwhile. I cannot wait for next year ́s chapter!”

The React Week is part of a Global initiative within Globant called Development Weeks created by Sebastián Gómez (Web UI Architect at Globant and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies). The goal of the Development Week is to achieve more active participation in tech communities across South America, while bringing together and sharing knowledge in different tech topics. The goal is to transform Globant into a cluster of tech communities and help to develop the tech ecosystem in every city that nests one of our offices.

Don’t miss out on the next edition of the Development Week, coming this April to Bogotá!
Check out for further details.

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