Converge 2023: How AI is disrupting Glober’s work

November 7, 2023

Over the last decade at Globant, we have been researching and developing technologies around artificial intelligence (AI). For many years, we have been scaling up our AI power and reaching new dimensions to influence every area, industry, and business for the better. 

The repercussions of this new paradigm not only have an impact on business but also on how we work, communicate, and produce in organizations. Faced with the dilemma of whether machines will replace humans, Diego Tártara, CTO of Globant, is optimistic: “Work has always been tremendously and positively affected by technology. The change with generative AI is that it is also creative, and the fear comes because this is not something we were prepared to give up. For a long time, we were used to technology commoditizing or streamlining manual labor, but not the person behind a computer. And now it is the other way around. However, the role of the engineer and the developer is still the same, but the tools available have made a tremendous leap in productivity”.

AI and the future of work

At Globant, we witness the AI revolution from the inside out, harnessing new and powerful technologies that enhance our efficiency and meet the evolving expectations of consumers. We invite you to learn how Globers, embracing the latest AI innovations, changed how they work forever.

AI’s role in product design: from automation to creative co-pilot

According to Gabriela Moirano, Partner Engaging Experiences (Design & Product) at Globant, the use of AI in the design process has evolved to the point where it is now an efficient co-pilot “for product design areas, the first significant benefit that AI brought us was task automation: with AI, it is much easier and faster to solve repetitive tasks such as cutting assets, resizing, defining color palettes and even writing user stories. But since last year, AI in work has become a co-pilot for designers, who have started to use AI tools for their creative process. They began using tools like MidJourney, DALL-E2, or Uizard to create variations of prototypes, mockups, and images that could trigger another approach to product design. So the iteration process is faster and could lead to a completely different design solution.

Another point where AI has had a tremendous impact on a designer, for a product or marketing professional, is in data analysis. Analyzing large amounts of data allows you to find patterns of use and preferences that help you arrive at a user-centered design”. 

However, Moirano warns when implementing these emerging technologies, it is essential to be aware of the risks. For instance, some companies started to use the concept of “synthetic users” (AI synthetic users are virtual, AI-generated personas designed to simulate real-world consumers’ behavior, preferences, and decision-making processes), which has created some controversies within the Design community. As designers, we should address challenges, such as ethical concerns and potential biases, and not lose empathy and human contact. Our initial hypothesis, produced with AI tools, should be validated with real users and real experiences. At Globant, we improve, adapt, and review the entire product development process to avoid biases.

Globant started training its Globers with AI around 5 years ago. However, at the beginning of 2023, we launched a robust Generative AI training campaign for all Globers, in which each Studio set up its own training set to prepare us for the new challenges and opportunities that were coming:

“From the Design Studio, we organized ourselves to train and be always up to date. To achieve the adoption of these tools, it is key to learn and unlearn all the time. To succeed in the future AI-driven workplace globers must develop an interdisciplinary approach, connecting the view of Design, Product, Data, AI, etc. In order not to become obsolete, we should develop our critical thinking and problem-solving ability to address complex problems. Still, above all, we must train in interpersonal skills and collaboration. While the tools will make the work easier and faster, humans will have to know how to solve problems, adapt to the contexts, and know how to work in an interdisciplinary way,” stated Moirano.

Code navigation made easy: How AI is reshaping programming at Globant

One of the main pain points for programmers is that they spend about 70% of their time understanding code. This entails project takeover challenges and job switches, which means lots of time invested in team members’ onboardings. At Globant, we solve these coding challenges with … guess what? Yes, AI! Augoor, Globant’s AI-powered navigation tool for code, uses machine learning algorithms, deep learning (neural networks), natural language processing’s evolution, and Open AI’s GPT-3 training data to smarten up software development processes. “Since I started using Augoor, what used to take me over an hour now only takes me 10 minutes to solve incidents that arise in the tickets assigned to me. Working with multiple repositories that share information, I had to search one by one in a cascading manner until I found the error I needed to review. Today, Augoor’s AI gives me the direct path to search”, stated Brenda Blanco Rondón, Java Developer at Globant. 

Converge: learn how to face the AI revolution

Technology is moving faster than ever. A new chapter has been opened with AI, and we are all in this revolution. At Globant, we believe AI empowers people and businesses to enter a new era of disruption, creativity, and efficiency.

Embracing AI tools in the workplace offers a gateway to boundless possibilities. Still, the key to staying relevant and thriving in this era of technological transformation is an unwavering commitment to continuous learning and upskilling. By cultivating a mindset of curiosity and adaptability, people become the architects of their success in a world where AI is a powerful ally. Learning isn’t just a means to job security; it’s a dynamic journey where people expand their horizons, unlock new potentials, and embrace change with open arms, ensuring their place at the forefront of innovation and limitless opportunities in an AI-driven future.

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