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April 26, 2022

Globant is committed to promoting and strengthening women’s diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. We are aware that it’s crucial to take action and #BreakTheBias so that we may open the path for women’s growth worldwide. As an organization, we are making this goal a reality, accompanying women in each step of their careers with initiatives, programs, and events for Globers and the external community.  

“At Globant, we want to celebrate and empower women forging change via technology. The gender gap is real, and we are taking steps towards ensuring that we have more women in the tech industry.”

Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer at Globant

As part of these efforts, Women’s Week took place from March 8th through 11th, enclosed within one of the Be Kind Pillars, Women That Build. It was a space to commemorate International Women’s Day, however, sessions lasted all throughout March. It included more than nine internal and external talks hosted by excellent speakers about critical topics and issues for a women’s career path. Topics such as sexist language, stereotyping, the importance of inclusive language, and bias, among others, were discussed. More than 2000 attendees from Globant’s regions (LATAM, EMEA, and the U.S.) participated. 

One of the sessions, attended by over 300 people, involved Captain Yashika Tyagi, a Kargil war veteran, who shared how she broke biases in a male-dominated world. After the Kargil war, she received the Operation Vijay Star medal and became the first lady officer to receive a battle report. She’s a Ted Talk Speaker, Defense Analyst, and thought leader with more than 25 years of experience in various industries. 

In Madrid, Globant also launched an onsite event with communities of women in tech called Meta Coffee. It included the participation of R-Ladies, an organization promoting gender diversity in the R Community, and Women in Voice, – which amplifies professional opportunities for women and gender-diverse people in the voice technology field. 

Additionally, Women’s Week provided the ideal opportunity to invite women at Globant to express their support and acknowledgment towards other women through StartMeUp, congratulating those who have guided and inspired them in the ITI.T. industry. Globers sent over 800 stars to their colleagues during this time using 1507 times the #HackingTheBias hashtag.

“At Globant, we believe it’s necessary to accompany women in their professional careers and promote gender equality globally…The gender gap is the central obstacle women face today in work, transcending countries and industries. Today we must be clear that women have an excellent opportunity to lead the inevitable transformations occurring in all sectors that need their skills, perspectives, opinions, and ideas.”

Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer

Watch our recap of Women’s Week

Women’s Week, a culmination of Globant’s efforts

Globant has focused on providing opportunities for women in ITI.T., such as Scholarships, talks, training, mentorships ( She Leads program), and recognition through our 2nd edition of Women that Build Awards. It has created strategies to train recruiting teams regarding #UnconsciousBias, adjusting tests, and applying AIA.I. tools to minimize the recruiters’ and interviewers’ bias. 

Additionally, Globant has continually improved company policies that directly impact women’s development and their presence in leadership roles, such as extended maternity leave, childcare reimbursement, and fertility planning treatments reimbursement. For example, Back In The Game (B.I.G.) is a program that empowers women on a career break. Lastly, Globant launched Diversity and inclusion training to promote continued awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion culture. 

As a result of all these initiatives, Globant has awarded more than 3,500 Code Your Future Scholarships: almost half allocated to women. It hired more than, 3200 women in 2021, nearly tripling from 2020, and increased by more than 30% women in management positions. It recently was recognized by Laboratoria for providing opportunities for women through the Top Latam Tech Female Employer award and, in the Special Awards categories for “Hackeando la Brecha,” for boosting the professional growth of students through the encouragement of Globant collaborators to become mentors.

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