Code Your Future: 500 scholarships to train in technology

June 25, 2019

Within Code Your Future’s program, Globant offers 500 scholarships to train in technology and Acámica will do the trainings. Commissions on both Fullstack and Front-end are already open.
Of the 500 scholarships, 80% are aimed at women who have an interest in developing in an industry with huge growth and challenges, promoting the inclusion and diversity of this sector.
Candidates can apply for Fullstack courses in Buenos Aires, Tandil, Rosario and Córdoba. Full Stack and Front-end courses are also open in cities like Tandil, Mendoza, Medellín, Bogotá, and Mexico City.
“Today the industry generates a million jobs in Latin America. It’s an unprecedented opportunity, and our region has an excellent talent pool to respond to the growing global demand. With these scholarships we aim to provide more tools to our young people to be able to train for the opportunities that will arise in the future. At the same time, we want to promote the inclusion and diversity of the sector so that more women join the industry,” said Martin Migoya, Globant CEO and Co-founder.
“Technology-based companies are generating opportunities faster than the education system provides trained personnel. Acámica aims to reduce this training gap through an innovative methodology that qualifies professionals in an agile and effective way. Thanks to Globant’s support, this educational offer today can reach many more people, with the potential to transform their future in the very short term,” says Tomas Escobar, CEO and Co-founder of Acámica.
With this Code Your Future program, both organizations will provide access to advanced Full Stack and Front-end programming studies. Those interested can apply through the Web at The courses are already open, and last four to nine months depending on the chosen course of studies.

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