She Leads program: Enhancing the future of women Globers around the world

November 2, 2021

The importance of fostering a company culture that keeps evolving, growing, and improving provides multiple benefits for businesses, employees, and society. At Globant, a purpose-driven organization, we aim to create positive change by focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, which are both essential to the success of our business and leading us towards innovation and reinvention. 

We strive to continue building a workplace where everyone can be themselves, offering an inclusive environment that encourages the development of Globers and nurtures their potential. As part of this goal, in 2020 we launched our first edition of our “She Leads” program,  in 2021 we launched the second edition in Latam and Spain. 

A new way to empower women with “She Leads”

A 2020 analysis of 1,100 organizations worldwide revealed that women represent 23% of executive positions, 29% of senior managers, and 37% of managers. They account for only 16% of senior-level tech jobs.

To help change these numbers, the She Leads program aims to accelerate Globant’s goal of achieving 50% of women and non-binary gender in management roles by 2025. She Leads is an initiative that combines mentoring methodology with training and inspirational talks for women to strengthen their knowledge and management expertise and prepare them for leadership positions.

Our mentoring learning skills model includes fundamental points that allow for the continuous development of the mentees, such as: active listening, building trust, encouragement, and identifying goals. It’s proven that mentoring programs bring multiple benefits like boosting confidence and improving work quality and performance, ensuring the success of businesses and strengthening company culture and employee engagement.

“ Diversity is fundamental to our business, where different points of view create a new perspective that facilitates innovation. We want to be leaders of the change we want to see in the world, making Globant a truly inclusive organization that makes every voice be heard and valued.”

Geraldine Wasser, Globant’s Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Latam

Last year’s first edition of She Leads included more than 30 women from LATAM and Spain, from 6 different countries, and offered more than 100 mentoring sessions. As a result, in 2021, 30% of the mentees received a promotion.

During this year’s second edition, the mentees of our first edition assumed the role of mentors with the aim of improving their leadership skills.  It included 47 women from LATAM and Spain, in different 7 countries, with more than 200 mentoring sessions, 3 external workshops for mentees and 3 for mentors, 2 inspirational talks, and a storytelling workshop.

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