Glottery 2nd Edition: A work and Travel experience within Globant

January 9, 2020

The second edition of Glottery, our Work & Travel program, has ended and four Globers had the opportunity to travel and learn even more about the local Globant culture in each country.


Our Globers who participated in this experience were:


  • Jesús Hernández Web UI Developer, lives in CDMX and traveled to the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  • María Fernanda Ángel lives in Medellín, Colombia, and works as a Visual Designer. She embarked on the adventure of traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Dafni Campissios, QC Analyst from Tucumán, Argentina, and visited CDMX.
  • Iván Olivares, Web UI Developer from Santiago de Chile and traveled to Lima, Peru.

In August, these four Globers traveled to their host country and stayed there until October. They spent two months living great new experiences: tasting the local cuisine, learning new slang words and expressions, discovering unique landscapes, making new friends, and facing cutting-edge challenges.

They shared some of their funniest anecdotes, when they were back


Misunderstanding new words is something common when travelling to new places.  Jesus told us that one day they went for some “birras” (beers) and planned to go dancing. His colleagues mentioned several places. It was funny as they mentioned “boliche”. On the other hand, in his country, “boliche” is a place to go bowling.

All that time, Jesús was imagining a place with bowling lanes. After a few minutes talking, everyone understood the misunderstanding. Finally, they explained that the “boliches” in Argentina are discos: where people go dancing.

Argentina Experience by Jesús.


María Fernanda experienced first-hand what it feels like to be an Argentine Glober. “Many people in my college had studied in Buenos Aires or knew Argentina and its beautiful landscapes”, she said.

Although they spoke very well of the city, I never had the chance to travel there. However, since I started working at Globant, I met a lot of colleagues living in Buenos Aires. I began to get the idea of ​​visiting the city one day. Glottery gave me the opportunity, not only to visit Argentina but to work there and experience what it is like to be an Argentine Glober.”

Mafe enjoying Argentina.


Some more interesting stories…


For Dafni, Mexico was the ideal destination mainly because she loves to travel and meet new places and cultures. For her, there is nothing better than doing it while working and sharing day to day with new people. In addition, she participated in the Converge event, which took place in Mexico City during her stay.

About this experience, she tells us: “I was part of the MINDS stand, the Globant AI experience, and participated in all the other activities and scenarios of Converge. Listening to different thoughts, experiences and ideas made me think a lot of professional and personal issues to put them into practice. And to live from inside the Converge experience, much better!”.

Dafni’s Mexico experience.


Last but not least, Iván’s Glottery experience was more challenging as he traveled with a specific purpose. His major goal was to share his know-how about how to organize events such as Dev Week and Meetups.

He participated in the organization of the first Development Week Lima, always contributing from his experience changes and improvements in the processes. He also helped organize events like Talent Day.

Not everything was work though. He made new friends and that for him represents a new network of people in work and personal life: “This experience has allowed me to develop personally and challenge myself to live in a different country these two months for the first time, in addition to making a trip alone, which I had never done before”, he said.

Iván’s Peru journey.


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