Globant’s Inspire Project: Preparing the next STEAM generation

December 15, 2021

It has never been more important for businesses, societies, and humankind to reinvent themselves. We’re living through unprecedented technology, climate and social changes, but more importantly the way we learn and get knowledge.

The pandemic has shown us that every industry and sector needs to evolve and use technology as a tool to adapt to the ever-changing world circumstances. Education is no exception, which will continue to evolve alongside technology to fulfill the needs of people, businesses, and the market itself. 

According to projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), by 2029 occupations in the STEM fields will grow 8.0%, compared with 3.7 % for all occupations. What’s additionally noteworthy, is that millions of STEM jobs worldwide will go unfilled since it’s expected that by 2025, 3.5 million jobs will be vacant.

STEAM programs and careers are vital to the development of new technologies, that’s why it is necessary to prepare the next generations with education and training in these areas, so they may ensure their future success and multiply their employment opportunities.

The next working generation will need to possess two main skills; To be able to understand and develop technology. 

Inspiring a career path reinvention

Globant, committed to supporting young talent and education, has created The Inspire Garage,  a platform that seeks talent by encouraging the development of human potential generating spaces to inspire young people towards STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). 

In this Journey, Globant’s first step is to share the information that can ignite curiosity, interest and, or, fascination in the students as a path that allows them to reinvent, transform and improve industries, organizations, and communities around the world. 

The second phase is to encourage them to explore infinite options and opportunities of choosing a career that is technology-oriented. Lastly,  we also want to give them the tools and support students need. For example, facilitating scholarships, or offering events, workshops and activities specifically for them.

About The Inspire Garage:

In The Inspire Garage Platform you’ll find:

  • Everyday short stories that young people can relate to and see the potential, 
  • Four strategic areas to build a career in STEAM: gaming, general programming, design and content.
  • Technology workshops and Inspiring talks. Meant to discover the power of technology through fun learning activities. 
  • And more activity that looks to inspire adolescents, who are in their last years of school, to choose technology as their professional path.


Leading this dream

Intrapreneurship is part of our DNA as well as the desire to bring job opportunities everywhere. With this spirit and aligned with the pillar of Be kind to your Peers, Mauricio Salvatierra, Romina Pascutto, Francisco Michref and Federico Paluszkiewicz promoted this initiative.

“Through this program, Globant wishes to highlight the importance of inclusivity, acceptance and diversity where everyone feels welcomed, valued and heard, eliminating gender stereotypes and promoting equality. We want to promote that anyone can develop a Career in STEAM, and we aim to change the status quo for future generations”, Romina Pascutto, Brand Manager.

“For more than 10 years, Globant has been working on the inclusion of young people who do not work or study. Today we have the possibility of taking another step and massively inspiring adolescents in our region to get closer to technology, not only as consumers but as their creators.” said Francisco Michref, Gov Affairs & Sustainability Director. Want to join The Inspire Project? Click here.

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