Inside Globant Studios – Technical Director from Pune

In this edition of “Inside Globant Studios”, we’ll talk with Sonali Palkar (Technical Director) from Pune, India. – How long have you been part of the Globant team? Tell us something about you, your family, your passions and hobbies, anything you want to share. I have been a part of Globant for the past  three years. From the very beginning I have always been passionate about solving problems using technology.I have a knack for  finding out the most optimized and innovative solutions. I have over 14 years of experience in development and management of software products. Apart from technology, I like drawing and painting and have won several competitions. Throughout my life I have been an exceptional  student , and have won various  scholarships from prestigious foundations in India. My husband Aniket is also a software professional and we share a passion for technology and how it can help solve day to day problems. My four year old son has taught… Read More