Technology for sustainable sports: A win-win for all

February 22, 2024

The green economy is here, and industries are preparing for it. With growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation, different sectors are leveraging technology to build their climate roadmap, and the sports industry is no exception. 

From fans to sports organizations, venues, and athletes, the benefits of embracing technology for sustainability are manifold and far-reaching.

Venues play a crucial role in the sustainability equation. With technology integration into venue design and operations, owners and operators can create a sustainable and resilient infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing efficiency and performance. For instance, sports venues have been actively installing photovoltaic systems; in 2007, collaborating with sponsors and local entities, the NFL planted 3,000 trees during the Super Bowl in Miami. The San Francisco 49ers installed solar panels at Levi’s Stadium, and the Philadelphia Eagles achieved a 99% waste recycling rate with fan engagement initiatives. 

Also, technology-driven sustainability initiatives offer fans unique opportunities to engage with their favorite sports more meaningfully. An astounding 85% of emissions generated by major sports events originate from travel and lodging associated with fans. Technology enables fans to participate actively in sustainability efforts by providing tools to offset their carbon footprint, track their energy consumption, and make informed choices about transportation to and from venues. 

Digital platforms provide fans with real-time information about the environmental impact of sports events. In 2022, 48 % of sports fans worldwide expressed they would be willing to pay more for sustainable energy. 

From sports leagues to governing bodies and individual teams, organizations within the sports industry are reaping the benefits of technology for sustainability. Sports organizations can optimize resource management, minimize waste, and reduce operational costs by leveraging Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) Digital Twin, data analytics, IoT sensors, process mining, and AI-powered systems.

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Globant’s role toward a sustainable future in sports

Through implementing an integrated sustainability framework encompassing community engagement, eco-friendly operations, and cultivating a sustainable brand, Globant ensures that all stakeholders are actively involved in this groundbreaking journey towards sustainable sports technology.

Our Sustainable Business Studio helps organizations embed sustainability into their DNA  through tech-based and data-driven sustainable business solutions. Likewise, SustAIn, a Globant’s Navigate platform component, generates Digital Twins of organizations, assets, processes, and systems. This innovative tool facilitates the visualization and mapping of various metrics, from CO2 budget (Digital Carbon Twin) to financial allocations and resource management. Its capabilities are fueled by cutting-edge process mining and Machine Learning technologies.

“Globant envisions a new era where sustainability and sports coexist and synergize; an era where a holistic and impactful sports ecosystem is accountable for a 360-degree approach to sustainability, where sports reimagine themselves through all aspects of ESG, by design. That’s thrilling! I am dreaming of a Sustainable Sports Leader in every league of every sport to accelerate visible and tangible commitment through tech at every end!”– Elena Morettini, Global Head of Sustainable Business at Globant.

Discover more of our journey to build a more sustainable future in sports in our report Powering Sustainable Wins in the Sports Arena: Tech Breakthroughs.

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