We have been at the forefront of every era of digital transformation by focusing on what our clients really need to move their business forward. We then work to both enhance and augment it. We design profound transformations that go beyond digital. We prepare our clients for the future. We blend engineering, innovation and design with a unique approach to enable business reinvention.

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Late cancer diagnosis and treatment had plagued our society for years. Many have lost their battle to various forms of cancer. Either...

February 4, 2020

At Globant, we have always been centered on people. Whether that meant the concerns of our clients, the communities where we operate,...

January 28, 2020

Android Auto & CarPlay are automotive platforms that present unique challenges to Quality Assurance. Many people may be unfamiliar with these platforms,...

January 3, 2020

What is glTF and where did it come from?   The Graphics Library (GL) Transmission Format (glTF) is an API-neutral runtime asset...

November 27, 2019

Often we have heard talk about performance at a web or backend level. We have heard about servers, cloud testing, and more,...

November 7, 2019

On the path towards agility and all the processes required for digital transformation, many companies need to adopt the values and principles...

October 31, 2019
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