AI, the key to succeeding in today’s business world

Our White paper exposes how Augmented Coding helps companies integrate artificial intelligence into their daily operations and their software development strategies.


Artificial intelligence has made giant leaps during the last few years presenting an array of new options for businesses. AI is increasingly transforming the way we develop software. Through Augmented Coding, Globant’s newest patented AI-powered solution, developers are coding faster, more effectively, and with fewer errors, by harnessing the power of AI.


Decoding the developer’s world 


The easiest way for a developer to find code is to search for it in natural language. Augmented Coding makes this possible because Natural Language Processing (NLP) is at the core of the solution. Using semantic search, the tool provides the code the developer needed, even if the developer didn’t use specific keywords to find it. This means they can then use the code quickly and easily.


1 tool with 3 game-changing features


Through 3 key elements, Augmented Coding will grant companies a solution that accelerates the software creation process, promotes best practices in daily tasks, and enables engineers to code in a more agile, efficient, and creative way. 


1. Semantic search


Developers can easily search code repositories in natural language. In order to search within these codebases, the programmer doesn’t need to use keywords or specific terms, as they might do if they were using other tools. Thus Augmented Coding provides a much-enhanced search option which in turn accelerates the software creation process.



2. Automatic code documentation


Another feature of Augmented Coding will be its capability to automatically document code. Developers will write code and the tool will describe it in natural language. It will be able to do this because it also works as a natural language generator. At the core of Augmented Coding is Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of AI that helps computers understand human language and communication. In order to build this system capable of understanding both natural language and code, we trained a model from GitHub written in a variety of languages. We used several repositories with nearly one billion lines of documented code.


3. Code auto-completion 


Code auto-completion is possible because the tool will use a semantic representation of the context where the code is being written. It will therefore predict what the developer is likely to code. This will be adapted to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

Globant is unleashing the potential of teams with the use of Augmented Coding. Saving time, increasing productivity, and improved software development are only some of the game-changing results seen so far, allowing developers to work in a smarter, collaborative way. 


Augmented Coding = An AI-driven business


We are harnessing the power of AI to increase capabilities and help reinvent the technology industry.  Augmented Coding shortens the learning curve when developers start working with a new programming language, empowering them to enhance their capabilities. 

For organizations, Augmented Coding will offer to improve developers’ hard and soft skills while lowering risk, and improving code reuse. Ultimately, Augmented Coding can help organizations create better software and better digital experiences for their customers. In short, it’s a win-win, that helps teams and businesses.

Read more about Augmented Coding and discover how far this tool can take your business and your teams.


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