The rise of phygital experiences; listen to the second season of the Unscripted Tech podcast

Unscripted Tech’s second season is here! This podcast dives into the trends changing how the technology game is played, featuring conversations with Globers from around the world.

Unscripted Tech - a podcast by Globant

In our first season, we touched on topics such as blockchain, organizational culture, remote work, and augmented reality. In this exciting new season of Unscripted Tech, we’ll explore the technology trends shaping a post-pandemic world, uncovering ways to engage and connect with ourselves, others, and the environment.

In this first episode, we explored the concept of smart venues (an extension of digital channels into a physical space) and how they impact brand experiences. We spoke with Nelly Ortiz, Business Hacking US Lead at Globant, and Martin Nanni, SVP of Technology for Globant’s hospitality portfolio, who provided insights on what phygital means, how companies are already taking advantage of it, and how it will shape our future. 

The interest in phygital grew 55% over the past year, compared to the previous year, with a current volume of 13.000 searches per month. People are increasingly curious about how the boundaries between physical and digital are blurring. 

The 2022 World Cup has been the center of attention when it comes to exploring phygital experiences. As one of the most anticipated events, the World Cup is the ideal space to build innovative ways to reshape the fan experience and create new channels to merge physical and digital spaces. Looking at the instant replay of a goal, the trajectory of the ball, and getting real-time stats and data are experiences that people can enjoy anywhere, be it in a stadium or at home. 

Martin Nanni highlights how Globant’s Hospitality and Leisure Studio builds phygital guest experiences that create memories:

“We extend digital experiences into physical spaces, using technology like image recognition, IoT, edge computing, etc. We extend this magical experience into your day-to-day life.”

Meanwhile, Nelly Ortiz mentioned how phygital experiences are not only about implementing new technology but leveraging your existing resources:

Smart venues are about how you make clever decisions with the assets that you have right now. Ask yourself the right questions: is this venue truly sustainable? Is it secure, safe, and reliable?”

Listen to this podcast episode to learn about the role of data and digital twins in creating augmented experiences, the challenges businesses face in the process, and the best practices to build future experiences.  

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