3 ways reducing time-to-value in software development can help your company

October 27, 2022

As technological change increases daily, executives and managers must understand the importance of time-to-value in software development. When it comes to sustainable software development, the need for faster adaptations to keep up with the pace of change is made possible by reinventing the coding processes and integrating unique development tools. These tools include Augoor for assisted coding, MagnifAI for visual testing, and GeneXus for multi-experience development.

Through the transformation of the coding process and the adoption of assistive technologies, companies can realize improvements that benefit their business considerably. 

These optimizations include: 

Lead time reduction. Lead time in launching software products is a key factor in time-to-value. The faster a product is launched without errors, the faster the software can begin driving revenue, cost-saving processes, and user experience improvements. How can you do it?

  1. Reduction of cognitive load. By simplifying the projects a given engineer is working on, they can focus on more fulfilling work to add features that bring value to the business.
  2. Streamline project kickoff and onboarding. Increasing the speed at which development teams introduce and start projects helps reduce the technology barrier to entry.
  3. Use artificial intelligence. Leveraging automation helps speed things up and eliminates error-prone processes, such as visual testing.


Total Cost Optimization (TCO). Disrupting the traditional application development process has proven to increase productivity and quality while reducing the skillset required by software developers to complete a task. Total Cost Optimization includes the following: 

  1. Reduction of development and maintenance time. By designing apps once and deploying them natively across all platforms, development teams save time overall.
  2. Decrease in CapEx and OpEx. When organizations use artificial intelligence to increase testing coverage or speed the delivery of applications systematically, they realize a reduction in manual tasks in code development.
  3. Avoid costly development talent acquisition. The ability to complete development projects without the friction of finding and hiring developers with hot profiles in specific technologies provides organizations with the ability to launch and provide value faster.


Business continuity. Your customers’ consistent experience builds trust, loyalty, and overall satisfaction. Planning for technological changes can future-proof your software, decrease overall development costs, and provides a solid backbone to reduce the risk of falling behind technologically. Companies can ensure business continuity by:

  1. Increasing awareness of your current technical debt. As with financial debt, to manage your technical debt liabilities, you first need to know what they are, using AI accelerators like Augoor to help people comprehend and automatically document codebases from multiple repositories.
  2. Facilitate agile responses to market changes. The ability to transform the business entirely by transferring the risk of technological obsolescence into platforms like Genexus provides eternal youth to your code base, no matter the market conditions or customer demands. 
  3. Continuously surpass customers’ expectations. A visual-perfect experience by reducing defect escape rate and increasing bug spotting precision by not relying on human eye strain increases the trust a customer has in a product. MagnifAI from Globant X helps visual testers validate at scale, eliminating inevitable human errors.


A plan to optimize time-to-value makes it possible to build sustainable software, grow with technological changes, and enhance development capabilities. At Globant, the newly-formed Fast Code studio focuses on helping development teams deliver value faster and more frequently through a set of flexible and ever-evolving platforms combined with deep technical expertise. Learn more about the Fast Code studio at Globant.

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Time-to-value in software development is critical for business success. The Fast Code studio aims to help deliver value at mach speed through combining our unique subject knowledge and our set of platforms to accelerate and future-proof software development.