Scoring big with AI: Listen to our latest conversation from Unscripted Tech

September 12, 2023

Are you a sports enthusiast curious about the impact of AI on your favorite games? Or you’re tech-savvy and eager to explore how cutting-edge AI transforms the sporting landscape. The latest Unscripted Tech episode explores the marriage between athleticism and AI, giving way to exciting ways to experience sports for fans and athletes. 

“There are three things that came together at the right moment to transform the sports industry,” says  Gonzalo Zarza, Chief Data Officer at La Liga Tech, “We have IoT systems: data and information coming from different sensors, trackers, and cameras. We can process such information with big data. And we also have the possibility of adding intelligence on top of that. And that’s what AI puts on the table. The conjunction of those three things is crucial to this conversation.” 

Data is power; data is king. Gathering and analyzing information enables sports organizations to enhance the fan experience and tailor the content based on people’s preferences and contextual events. 

For instance, Zarza mentions how people’s relationship with sports changed after the pandemic. After 2020, most of our experiences were carried out through digital channels, which became the norm. Now that sports events are being held in person again, companies are figuring out where to put the focus: Should it be on the venues or the streaming content? In which format are fans going to engage with a match? How can we combine the digital and the physical experience?

Also, AI in sports is bringing new possibilities to unleash athletes’ potential. Through AI, coaches can analyze massive data, pinpoint players’ strengths and weaknesses, analyze their performance during a game, and build a more comprehensive strategy. 

According to Tania Salarvand, EVP of strategy at Globant, In the US, the Major League Baseball and the NBA, for instance, leverage AI-enabled tools for hiring players, improving their scouting processes, assess their performance and make better decisions on who’s on the team. It will fundamentally change how things progress because it will help coaches make informed decisions and young athletes build their career and uncover their potential.”

At Globant, we are transforming the sports realm with a dedicated team helping sports companies take these experiences to another level. Our latest report in the Applied AI series dives into how AI can enhance fan engagement, unleash athletes’ potential, streamline sports operations, and more. 

If you want to keep feeding your curiosity towards the possibilities of AI in the sports industry, join our upcoming webinar, Elevating the Game: Unleashing AI’s Power for Limitless Fan Experiences, and listen to the complete conversation between our SMEs on Globant’s Unscripted Tech. 

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