The Future: How AI in Sports is Changing the Game for Athletes and Fans

August 10, 2023

As sports brands increasingly turn to artificial intelligence (AI), they’re unlocking insights from vast amounts of data from player performance to fan engagement to consumer behavior. This treasure trove empowers them with better decision-making, optimized team performance, and deeply personalized fan experiences. With AI in the sports market projected to soar to $19.2 billion by 2030, it’s clear that the future of AI in sports and its potential will reshape how we interact with and perceive the sports industry. 

In our latest Applied AI report on sports, we dive deep into how artificial intelligence impacts the sports world across the board, from players to fans. Here’s how. 

AI-Driven Fan Engagement: The Future is Personal

The real winners in the AI-driven sports world? The fans. By harnessing AI, sports organizations are reinventing how fans connect with their favorite teams and athletes. With real-time subtitle translations, AI eliminates language barriers. Auto-generated highlight reels cater to fans’ interests, keeping them engrossed and loyal.

Gonzalo Zarza, CDO at LaLiga Tech, a joint venture between Globant and LaLiga, emphasizes, “A significant portion of the sports industry revolves around storytelling. AI brings an innate approach to generating content to engage with ever-growing global fan bases.”

Furthermore, AI exposes fans to new sports or players, deepens their interaction with tournaments, and facilitates better understanding through chatbots and real-time engagement tools. And sports organizations are taking notice, including LALIGA, a top sports and entertainment organization and a Globant client. 


“At LALIGA, we are acutely aware of the immense benefits that artificial intelligence can bring to our business and the sports and entertainment sector. From enhancing competition management, enriching audiovisual content, fostering greater fan engagement, or fighting against piracy, our commitment to harnessing the potential of AI has been a longstanding endeavor. As we continue to innovate and leverage cutting-edge technologies, we are confident that AI will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports and entertainment experiences for our fans worldwide.” – Ana Rosa Victoria Bruno, Innovation Program Manager at LALIGA

Elevating Athlete Potential: AI in Performance Management

Beyond fan engagement, AI’s role in shaping athlete performance is revolutionary. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI aids coaches in making informed decisions on essential preparation factors like training and nutrition. It identifies weaknesses, such as an athlete’s focus during a play, and suggests training modifications. Furthermore, AI can predict potential player absences with a staggering 96% success rate.

A notable AI application came from Globant’s Perfect Shot project, which used biomechanical analysis and AI to create a model for the ideal soccer shot. This real-world test affirmed AI’s capability to elevate athletic prowess.

As AI becomes more ingrained in sports, teams, and athletes that don’t embrace it may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Innovative Sponsorship & Efficient Operations

In the sponsorship realm, AI is a game-changer. It refines marketing messages, crafts targeted fan experiences and ensures sponsors get maximum ROI. AI suggests optimal target demographics, helping to create mutually beneficial partnerships between brands and athletes.

Regarding operations, AI is reshaping everything from crowd management to match scheduling. Zarza observes, “AI extends beyond traditional sports operations. At Globant, we’re using AI for fan engagement strategies based on environmental impact data, enhancing sports brands’ reputation.”

Crafting a Winning AI Strategy

To fully harness AI’s potential, sports organizations must approach its integration methodically. Define clear objectives, explore available AI solutions, consult with industry experts, and assemble a skilled team to navigate potential challenges. As Martin Nanni, Globant’s CTO in Europe, notes, “The sports industry lags in tech adoption, but the journey is similar to other industries. It’s about taking deliberate steps.”

As your organization sets its sights on AI adoption, this is where Globant can help. With deep knowledge in the AI space, our Sports and Data & AI Studios experts work together to usher clients through adopting and optimizing AI-enabled experiences. 

Looking Ahead: The AI-Powered Sports Horizon

The prospects for AI in sports are boundless. Hyper-personalization will enable organizations to deliver exactly what fans need in real-time. Generative AI solutions will craft content to individual fan preferences, enhancing the spectator experience.

For athletes, AI will provide granular real-time feedback during matches, optimizing performance and reducing injury risks. 


“The rapid advancement of AI surprises those at its forefront. Predicting the future is challenging, but the potential for AI to redefine the sports industry is undeniable.” – Ernesto Luna Madrid, Sports Lead at Globant


In a world where technology evolves rapidly, sports organizations must stay on their toes. Falling behind in the AI race isn’t just a missed opportunity—it’s a threat to their future. The message is clear: AI isn’t just a player; it’s a game-changer in modern sports.

As a sponsor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™, Globant is ready to reinvent the sports industry. Read the full Game Changers: Applied AI and the Future of Sports report here.

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