We used technology to create the perfect football shot. Here’s how.

May 11, 2023

What is The Perfect Shot? Legendary football players gave us a clue. Some may say it was Roberto Carlos’ free kick in 1997 against France, and others may say it was one of Messi’s goals at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Since the inception of the game in 1863, we’ve seen legendary players with different strokes, but we wanted proof of what is the perfect shot. Before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, we set out to use artificial intelligence, biomechanical analysis, and data from the best football kickers to find the perfect shot. 

Just like taking a free kick, we had to take a few steps beforehand. Our team of experts started with biomechanical analysis that helped identify four phases that make up a good kick: kicking stroke, backswing, force production, and contact with the ball. We then analyzed videos of male and female players taking free kicks. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, we recorded their body movements. Our in-house developed software accurately mapped their technical movements through a deep learning algorithm, making it possible to create a 3D model that reproduced the fundamental movements. A data analysis and synthesis system extracted the data from the common elements of each kick. 129 years after the invention of soccer, technology, and passion came together to create the extraordinary: The Perfect Shot. 

After determining a model, we had to put it to the test. That took place as a brand activation in Buenos Aires at DOT Baires Shopping, where we helped fans get the actual experience of being a football player. Hundreds of Globers joined the fun – bringing their spouses, children, nieces, and nephews, all while generating information for The Perfect Shot model. This activation captured the attention of many – clients, prospects, and journalists alike were able to see the power of Globant as we lived and breathed our belief that when passion meets technology, the unthinkable happens. 


Watch “The Perfect Shot” in action.

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