Globant’s Sentinel Report – Blockchain: a game-changer in every industry

September 30, 2022

At Globant, we help companies worldwide reinvent themselves and unleash their full potential. As part of that mission, we created the Sentinel Report, an initiative to provide timely, actionable, and expert insights on emerging trends. 

The Q2 Sentinel Report, “Blockchain: a game-changer for every industry,” focused on the opportunity that all industries can realize through leveraging blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, now mainstream due to the growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies, once had a high barrier to entry. It is becoming increasingly popular because of its transparency, immutability, and non-repudiation. In fact, the blockchain market is on track to exceed over 60 billion dollars by 2026

Many companies throughout a wide range of industries now understand the power and importance of blockchain to provide a seamless customer experience backed by security, scalability, and efficiency. Blockchain empowers industries and pushes humanity to make investments that will introduce new models for cooperation to allow individuals to help others through peer-to-peer exchanges. Globant’s Blockchain Studio is seeing a shift towards this technology, too. “Everyone has a stake in understanding the potential of blockchain; there is not an industry that is not touched by blockchain or will be impacted by it,” says Avijeet Dutta a Technology Director in Globant’s Data and AI Studio.

In short, blockchain is expanding the way we think about how we can organize and co-manage, for example, online communities, companies, and systems.

In this Sentinel report, Globant experts focus on: 

 How blockchain is reinventing the digital landscape

  1. What are the triggers for businesses of all sizes to best leverage this technology 
  2. Share impactful applications and blockchain adoption’s challenges and benefits in various industries, including:
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain 
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail 
  • Real Estate

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The Sentinel Report is one of Globant’s initiatives to help our clients stay relevant through the observation of market trends, insights, and industry behavior from all over the world.