Globant’s 2022 Trends Report, our top business and tech predictions

February 22, 2022

This year, businesses will continue adapting, reshaping, and reinventing to survive and thrive. Globant’s Trends Report, How innovative technologies drive business reinvention, create exceptional experiences, and enhance high-performing workplaces, offers an in-depth look into the key points that will help businesses make big decisions. We have compiled insights from Globant thought leaders in 5 predictions. Here’s a summary of what you can look forward to in 2022 and beyond.

  1.  The metaverse will create new spaces for companies to extend their presence, offering, and creativity, maximizing engagement with customers and employees.

The metaverse is not only a buzzword, but it’s also a game-changer, and this year we will see how it starts increasing its presence in several industries. Organizations will have to adapt their business model to consider how the metaverse will affect their customers’ and employees’ interactions and relationships. 

  1.  Remaining human-centric amid technological advances in AI and machine learning will be critical.

The customer and employees will be the lighthouse that guides companies and organizations to truly improve and reinvent digital experiences. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will help create personalized experiences, automating processes, optimizing data collection, and simplifying decision-making. However, the focus should be human-centric. They will also need to invest in innovative and disruptive technologies to expand their adaptability.

  1. Blockchain and decentralization will drive business reinvention. 

Blockchain is here to stay and will continue transforming the world through decentralized financing as blockchain solutions will keep on growing, reaching almost $19 billion by 2024. Web 3.0 will play an essential role in decentralization, bringing new unforeseen opportunities for brands, companies, users, and tech applications. 

  1. Reinvention of business models will focus on ensuring resilience through multi-industry strategic alliances and a new customer relationship. 

Business collaboration will take on a new meaning as innovative alliances emerge. Companies will seek joint efforts across industries to help them reinvent their business models as a necessity to fill in competitive gaps, capabilities, information, and solutions. These strategic partnerships and new technology will be required to enter new markets and satisfy the expectations of a constantly changing customer. 

  1. Adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability are critical drivers to maintaining a high-performing workplace.

Investing in digitizing the employee experience will be one key element during 2022. Companies will seek new solutions to engage diverse talent pools and create new work processes that go beyond the pandemic and are sustainable. A well-established technological infrastructure will drive productivity and collaboration to a hybrid workforce while also understanding employee burnout and physical and mental wellness. Leveraging technology, data, and AI will be crucial to fulfill this process and implement solutions successfully. 

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