Globant’s 20-Year Impact Report highlights how business growth can impact societal growth

December 19, 2023

Startups are often seen as the engines of innovation and growth in today’s economy. Nearly 20 years ago, Globant started as a back-of-the-napkin idea at the Downtown Matias bar in Buenos Aires among four friends. Their desire to start a business from scratch has grown into a thriving, publicly traded digital reinvention enterprise with talent dispersed across the world. Starting a successful company is no easy feat, with some estimating that more than 90% of startup companies ultimately fail

Over the last 20 years, Globant has grown at a steady rate, even during times of economic decline. With that growth, Globant has made a sizable impact on the communities in which it operates, offering unparalleled development and career opportunities. In our recently-released 20-year Impact Report, the tangible effects of Globant’s growth and commitment are detailed. 

Creating the next-generation approach to talent development

From a young startup to a major player in the digital reinvention and software development space, Globant has become known for its holistic, innovative approach, driven by a relentless entrepreneurship mindset, commitment to IT education, and exceptional talent development. Not bound by the constraints of a large organization, Globant set out early on to create opportunities in untapped talent markets, shirking the notion that top-tier talent had to co-locate in major metropolitan areas. Through this strategy, as detailed in the 20-Year Impact Report, in addition to creating local employment opportunities, building talent hubs also serves as a pull factor for other organizations to regions. With specific, measurable impact, the cities of Medellín, Colombia; Tandil, Argentina; and Resistencia, Argentina, are featured in the report, demonstrating how Globant’s investment in the regions positively changed the business and talent ecosystems. 

Dedication to building bridges between businesses and education

Globant’s early strategy for building a robust, scalable talent development program hinged on creating a favorable educational environment to drive a pipeline of qualified individuals in the region. Due to this, Globant actively tries to increase the amount of IT education opportunities available to all different types of communities, especially recognized vulnerable groups. 

Furthermore, Globant collaborates with well-known regional higher education institutions to boost the interest and completion of careers in IT. This is done through a number of alliances, and dedicated programs focused on reducing college dropout rates, increasing the interest of women in studying STEM careers, subsidizing the cost of attendance for students, or providing scholarships to students during difficult life moments, ensuring they can continue their studies.

An affinity to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is part of the Globant ethos, a characteristic that permeates the culture Globers enjoy, how we appear in the world, and how decisions are made. This carries through to our involvement and support of new businesses. Endeavor, a non-profit supporting entrepreneurs worldwide, has coined the concept of “The Multiplier Effect,” which refers to the transformative impact entrepreneurs have when they inspire, mentor, and invest in the next generation of founders, thus building networks that transform industries and create entrepreneurial ecosystems. 

As stated by Endeavor in 2023, Globant’s “Multiplier Effect” can be seen in the more than 1,000 connections with the entrepreneurial ecosystem through mentoring entrepreneurs, angel investment and acquisitions, and employee spinouts. It is estimated that Globant’s former employee spinouts account for more than 400 startups in diverse industries. Globant’s entrepreneurship mindset is all around the world. 

Impact that continues to grow

Globant is present in more than 30 countries, with over 27,000 employees globally. As the organization continues to grow, the strong dedication to creating a positive, sustainable impact remains the same. The 20-Year Impact Report is a deep dive into important factors that contribute to Globant’s impressive impact. By downloading the report, you’ll get: 

  • Data on Globant’s trajectory and direct influence on entrepreneurship mindset, IT education, and talent development.
  • Insights of our positive contributions to communities and local tech hubs, analyzed as local case studies.
  • Findings about the impact of Globant on external and internal stakeholders.

Download the report


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