Learn how to work with data: a new book published by Globers!

May 28, 2018

Globers Gonzalo Zarza and Juan José Lopez Murphy, Technical Directors from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Studios respectively, recently published the book “The Engineering of Big Data: How to work with data”, edited by Universidad Abierta de Cataluña (UOC).
The authors said: “Big Data is more than a property of a mass of data or a set of fancy technologies. Used effectively, Big Data engineering is the vehicle to implement  a data-driven paradigm, perhaps the biggest challenge an organization faces, and a strategic need to be competitive in the future”.
They also explained the content of the book: “It covers the necessary stages for an understanding of data and information, the types of technologies, how to start a project from scratch, how to avoid mistakes, and reviews perspectives on the future. The book connects technical development with business value through different processes, teams and considerations required to be effective while executing Big Data projects”.
Regarding the people who can make the most out of the book, the authors stated: “We wrote this book for the people who are entering the world of Big Data as well as for those who already have experience working with Big Data tools”. They also revealed: “The main goal of the book is to serve as a guide for those who need to develop data projects, in order to take advantage of this knowledge and fulfill their business objectives at the same time they take care of the technological aspects of the projects they are working on”.
Sabina Schneider, VP Consulting of Globant, stated: “A book that is a must read in this digital age, written by two brilliant minds. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this book. It will undoubtedly guide many people on how to culturally and methodologically enhance the exploitation of data with total responsibility, one of the greatest challenges that organizations face”.
The book was presented at the 44th International Book Fair of Buenos Aires, and its paper version is available in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the Waldhunter Bookstore (Av. Santa Fe 1685) and online through the publishing house or on Amazon.
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Congrats Gonza and Juan!

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