Shaping the path to a digital future: Globant’s innovations that are transforming the world

September 26, 2023

Technology is one of the key progress engines that humanity is benefiting from today. All businesses and industries are betting considerably on their own digital transformations to offer better products and experiences to their customers. According to Forrester Predictions, 80% of consumers will see the world as all digital, with no divide. According to IDC, digital transformation spending will reach $3.4 trillion in 2026.

We are lucky enough to be not only living during these transcendental times but leading several of its advancements. It has never been more important for businesses, societies, and humankind to reinvent themselves. Change is simply inevitable, and Globant helps organizations thrive by making it sustainable for the good of business and society and making life experiences more productive and vibrant. 

From the 6 Studios with which the company started in 2009, to the 38 it has today organized in 4 networks, Globant has positioned itself as the technological leader that has enabled reinventions in the industry. The exploration of unknown paths turned Globant into a Visionary Builder, which found its strength within its uniqueness. 

How are Globant’s innovations shaping our history, the technology industry and the lives of millions of people? Find out in the following lines:

From the most popular trends to a new paradigm of global scale

Campaign optimization, large-scale personalization, predictive analytics and chatbots that build customer relationships are some of the AI trends that are setting the market in every industry. Globant has anticipated all this through Globant X, its product division that leverages AI to give companies the benefits of AI without the need for technical knowledge. Thus, we empower human work with the expanding world that AI brings, revolutionizing strategies and maximizing results. 

This expansion goes hand in hand with a common vision that, from Globant, we share under our AI Manifesto, a series of essential best practices to overcome the ethical challenges and social risks that may involve the use of this tool. In a context in which global corporate investment in AI was more than 175 billion dollars in 2022, maintaining a north is crucial to continue creating solutions focused on using this technology for positive change. Our actions related to AI have earned us important recognitions, such as Leader in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Services 2023 Vendor Assessment, as we continue to create non-traditional forms of business value.

Being at the forefront of every era of digital transformation has inspired us to create some of our most emblematic solutions: in 2022, we announced our multi-year agreement with FIFA, to develop and distribute the FIFA+ platform and sponsor some of their most important events, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ and the FIFA Under-20 Women’s World Cup 2024™. The bonus? We became the first Argentinian company to sponsor the World Cup, and you know how it ended.

But that was not all we did about the World Cup. In line with immersive technologies, we marked a milestone in our history last year together with DIRECTV, by creating the first World Cup broadcast in the metaverse. We consolidated a fully integrated experience that reproduced the physical tour of the stadium while incorporating other elements, such as the history of the World Cup, matches information and highlights. With this, we combined the digital economy with the physical world to disseminate new forms of interaction in all types of communities, under the prediction that 25% of consumers will spend at least one hour in the metaverse by 2026. 

New forms of interaction are also moving to other industries, where the trend is to consolidate increasingly intelligent journeys, while prioritizing the personalization of the consumer experience. In the automotive industry, we developed VLP+ (Vehicle Landing Page) with Nissan, a set of innovative components that make it easier for users to find relevant content, optimizing their online presence and increasing customer engagement. In the hospitality and leisure industry, we achieved this through the Royal Caribbean’s app, where we used AI and augmented reality to transform the entire journey.

Reinvention at every step: Starting from within

The solutions we create come from a continuous reinvention process that is born from within. At Globant, we are constantly strengthening a culture that enables the development of the greatest ideas and puts the Glober at the center of the equation. We drive our culture through StarMeUp, our dynamic talent empowerment platform that fuels engagement and motivation helping companies create cultures that put people first-no matter the changes or challenges that arise. 

The empowerment of this culture is intrinsically intertwined with the path towards a more ethical and sustainable future, which is why we developed Be Kind, a way of living in which we direct technology toward a positive impact at all times. Under this framework, we have catalyzed several actions. Our first building with sustainable technology was conceived under Be Kind to the Planet, the pillar in which we are committed to build a sustainable future. Through a sustainable monitoring and control system, we made our Iconic Building in Tandil the first energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building, prioritizing the well-being of each Glober. This has earned us recognition as the Best Real Estate Project with Application of Technology in the Proptech Latam Awards 2023.

We also promote the responsible use of technology with Be Kind Tech Fund, a US$10 million corporate venture fund that invites global startups to submit apps, products, and platforms focused on mitigating the negative effects of technology to be funded by us. We are currently funding two major projects that mitigate the negative effects of technology: ping – which helps eliminate texting while driving by allowing commercial drivers to hear messages out loud – and Polemix – the first Web3 platform for ideas and opinions, in which influential opinion leaders produce Proof of Support (POSU) collectibles of their main ideas and which encourages detractors to respectfully disagree in the comments section.

Finally, our Studios model brings the right skills and industry expertise to every client. We envision a future shaped by bold technologies, empowered by our stronger relationships with our clients. That’s why this year we launched the Google Cloud Studio and the AWS Studio, aimed at continuing to reinvent the products that transform the future. On the creative side, we launched Globant Create, the Studio dedicated to transforming powerful brands through AI and data-driven insights. 

Bringing disruptive ideas to the rest of the world

Reinvention moves the world forward and part of our purpose is to decentralize knowledge. With the goal of motivating businesses, societies and humanity to reinvent themselves in this ever-changing, complex and uncertain world, Converge was born, our flagship event that brings together the most disruptive minds in the industry to talk about paradigm shifts in technology. Bob Iger, Steve Wozniak, Guy Kawazaki and Professor Yuval Noah Harari have been some of our most prominent speakers, inspiring us and the rest of the world to empower the evolution of both society and technology.

At Globant, we believe that technology has one constant: it will never stop surprising and challenging us. That is why reinvention is the force that has driven us during our first twenty years, and continues to inspire us to grow in the next hundred. We transform as technology evolves, but we never give up that human side that characterizes us and drives us to seek a positive impact for society. We are ready to continue leading the market reinventions to come.

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