Nissan and Globant: Transforming the automotive industry

What is the future of mobility? Will we ever see cars flying around our cities? Designing a vehicle that can float requires boldness, creativity, and a close look at technicalities and feasibility. While this scenario might only fit in movies, the automotive industry is taking a similarly bold approach: a marriage between the courage to push the boundaries of the driving experience, whilst considering the technicalities to make it feasible, functional, and safe for customers. 

The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, entering the world of connectivity, AI, the metaverse, and other megatrends. Our Automotive Reinvention Studio helps companies in the sector create cutting-edge solutions that meet the current and future client demands.

Nissan is one of the automotive giants we have been working with, helping them to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Globant’s partnership with Nissan

Globant started working with Nissan to drive meaningful change at an organizational level to help achieve growth in a highly competitive automotive space where legacy operations and cultures make reinvention more challenging.

Our customer experience, design, and cultural hacking teams worked closely with Nissan to create the foundations for sustainable change, while continuously delivering impactful products and services. Our key focus has been reinventing Nissan’s customers’ digital experience, testing and iterating new business models via data-driven decision-making, and technology-led innovation. Aligned with the future vision of “Nissan 2030”, we’ve been working together to implement sustainable mobility which is one of the most important strategic priorities.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Globant in one  of the most challenging and exciting programs I’ve ever had the opportunity to collaborate on in my entire career – to create an integrated, multifocal, and data-based Customer View.”

Marcelo Santiago
Head of Customer Experience Digital & Connected Cars for Nissan South America

Nissan’s intelligent mobility: using digital transformation to stay competitive

Nissan leverages technology to converge a vast ecosystem of services. They aim to build a more dynamic in-car experience: improved entertainment, convenience, and security. 

Globant and Nissan developed VLP+, a set of innovative components that provide users with a personalized browsing experience by allowing them to easily navigate and discover relevant content, highlighting exclusive offers, and creating a seamless path to purchase. By incorporating advanced animations, VLP+ also helps businesses optimize their online presence and increase customer engagement.



One example of how Nissan offers an array of services in a simplified and friendly package is Nissan@Home, a platform where users can conveniently purchase a vehicle that suits their needs. The service includes Shop@Home, Buy@Home, Drive@Home, and Service@Home: the entire lifecycle of getting a new vehicle, from selecting the car that suits people’s needs to scheduling maintenance appointments. 

Reinventing the mobility ecosystem

With challenges come opportunities. Building new horizons for the automotive industry requires a holistic approach, where we consider first and foremost how to delight current and future generations of customers whilst proactively keeping an eye out for regulatory and legal aspects, interconnectivity, 

With the joint efforts of our Sustainable Business, Business Hacking, and Automotive Reinvention Studio, we are helping Nissan and other companies in the sector reinvent their services to meet customer expectations through sustainable tech. 

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